How do I apply for Booking/Representation Services?
Artist submissions for all of our booking/representation services are accepted year round with an annual review taking place between late March and mid May. Submissions should consist of the following information:

  • Cover letter stating your name, company name and which Booking/Representation Service you are seeking (ie Roster or Gallery)
  • Electronic Press Kit
  • Video links to your current touring repertory including most recently completed work
  • Program description of new work
  • Touring history
  • Additional work samples in the form of links or digital images are welcome.

All Submissions should be emailed to:
Sandy Garcia, Director of Booking & Artist Representation at

Contracts with selected Artists/Companies are made on an annual basis which coincides with a July 1 – June 30 fiscal year. There is an annual fee for the service paid in three installments as well as commissions on all engagements procured (for The Roster only).

How much does it cost?
There is an annual fee for each booking/artist representative service paid in three installments as well as commissions on all engagements procured (for The Roster and Metro Intersections Artists only). Having booking representation in the marketplace is an investment in your career, and you need to carefully balance the costs with your other management needs. To learn more please contact Sandy Garcia, Director of Booking & Artist Representation at

How quickly will I start to get booked?
Pentacle can not guarantee if and when you will be booked. Some artists gain success in the marketplace very quickly, but for a vast majority of artists, it takes several years before their touring schedules become substantial, and it can still wax and wane considerably. Even with booking representation, the bulk of your success depends on you. Your work needs to be exceptional, you will need to continue to develop your relationships and champions in the field, and you may need to change major aspects of your work and lifestyle to go on tour. Sometimes all the right elements are in place, but then external forces, like the economy, natural disasters, and health issues will undermine your ability to tour. What Pentacle can provide is sustained representation and promotion in the marketplace of performing arts presenters. As long as we represent you, we will work tirelessly to keep you on the radar of national presenters. We will also negotiate for you to be sure you get the best possible deal for your engagements. We can be a sounding board for you and give advice. Each artist has a different vision and a different path, and we assist the artist in navigating that course.

Do I need to have a touring history before applying for booking/representation services?
No, but your demand in the marketplace is a major factor in determining which of our services is best for you. Artists who have had only a little exposure in the national performing arts marketplace and are seeking more, should start with The Gallery. With this service we provide artistic and management assessments to identify how we can best help prepare you for success in the marketplace. If you have received interest from presenters, but have not built up a history of touring yet, Pentacle can help you take up those opportunities while strengthening your infrastructure to sustain a long and successful career. Please contact our booking/representation staff for more information.