Pentacle strives to create a program experience that is useful for both the company and intern by matching them based on similar interests and needs. Participating companies receive an intern for 10 hours a week over an 8 week time commitment.

Cultivating Leadership in Dance (CLD) is a program that partners companies and interns for a high-quality internship match. It strives to find the best possible match based on similar interests and needs, while also providing companies with dedicated interns who receive weekly seminar training in arts administration from Pentacle.

Pentacle strategically pairs interns with affiliated dance artists and nonprofit organizations, and works with them to create an experience that is rewarding, practical, and insightful. Companies receive an intern 10 hr./week over an 8-week commitment.

Due to the structure of the CLD program, companies will have the opportunity to work with an intern who has a greater sense of commitment and accountability than someone who might be selected outside of the program. From Summer 2012–Summer 2016, 40% of interns have continued working with their companies even beyond their internship.

Throughout the program, Pentacle provides mentorship to both companies and interns to guide the management of the internship overall.



  • Qualified intern recruitment
  • Participation in a structured internship & professional development program
  • Intern mentorship and training from Pentacle staff
  • Clear work plan outlining intern responsibilities


Interested companies should fill out an application form here. Individual artist rates available.

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