Who’s eligible for the service?
Non-profit 501c3s are eligible. We work primarily with dance artists, as well as theater companies. Unincorporated companies and independent artists can check out our Fiscal Sponsorship section.

How are you different than a bookkeeper?
Pentacle harnesses a collective knowledge supported by its four-decade history and knowledgeable staff. Generally, someone on staff is always present during office hours, which can be helpful during emergencies and may not be the case with a part-time bookkeeper.

What about taxes?
Pentacle works with your accountant to assist in 990 preparation. We file W2s and 1099s annually, if applicable.

How much does it cost?
Our fees are subsidized, allowing us to offer rates below fair market value. We don’t bill hourly, so there is no guessing on what you’ll be spending. Our fee is based on company budget size. We presume the larger the budget, the more work involved, and thus the higher the fee. This allows you to know ahead of time what the service will cost you.

We have a payroll. Do we need a third party service?
No! Payroll is included in our Fiscal Administration service at no additional cost.

Can you help with our budgets?
While we don’t prepare budgets, we are happy to review the budgets you create. We can also provide data to help you assemble budgets throughout the year, for grant proposals, and the like.

Do you complete Cultural Data Project?
As CDP requires a joint effort between Pentacle and client, we assist with CDP for an additional nominal fee.

Does it matter what state we are in?
No, however some additional set up time may be required for clients not located in NY.

What if what I need is not what you provide?
Talk to us. We’d be happy to see if we can tailor the service to meet your needs.

When can we start?
While it is easiest to transition into the service at the start of your fiscal year, you can start at any time. The service can be adjusted to meet the needs of your transition.