Pentacle offers artists four different fiscal sponsorship programs. Each program features a different combination of services to meet the needs of artists looking for different degrees of financial and managerial support. Take a look at our resources page to learn more about how fiscal sponsorship works and if it’s right for you.

Foundation for Independent Artists, Inc. (FIA)

Foundation for Independent Artists, Inc. (FIA) offers sponsored artists all the benefits of having their own 501(c)(3) organization without the administrative burden. The program is ideal for artists looking for insurance coverage, payroll, and bookkeeping, plus all services offered by most fiscal sponsorship programs.

FIA Projects

FIA Projects offers artists most of the benefits of FIA on a short term basis to support the production of one presenting engagement. Join FIA Projects to receive insurance coverage and financial management for an upcoming engagement.

Unique Plus

Unique Plus offers artists a traditional fiscal sponsorship service through the non-profit Unique Projects Inc., plus bookkeeping on the artist’s own business checking account.


Unique is Pentacle’s basic fiscal sponsorship program. Sponsored artists solicit tax-deductible donations and are eligible to apply for grants through Unique’s 501(c)(3) structure.