Alma Dance Theater is an all women’s performing group, created + directed by Miami native choreographer Marissa Alma Nick. The contemporary dance company deemed  “provocative, intelligent & unexpected” by the Miami New Times, is a sheer force of heart and body. Through the language of dance, Alma Dance Theater creates an emboldened voice for the soul.

​+ la-alma (in Spanish) means the soul

+ Alma Deila was great-grandmother to Marissa Alma Nick

​Named “the freshest dance troupe in Miami” by The Huffington Post in 2016, ALDT (Alma Dance Theater) was founded in 2014. The company premiered its first official performance for the Miami Design District: Miami Art Week, with their site-specific performance of “Transpositions: Over Many Miles”, in collaboration with visual artist Paula Crown. Since its establishment, ALDT has made its mark on the cultural arts scene that is Miami, and has been gratefully supported by their hometown. The company has been awarded a Knight Arts Award ; presented through The Pentacle Gallery at the American Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) ; performed at Dance USA ; commissioned by visual artists Amanda Season, Magnus Sodamin, Alejandro Guzman, Christina Petterrson; and has successfully self-produced multiple sold-out theatrical main stages, site-specific shows and screen-dances.

Alma Dance Theater

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“Cask” uses Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ as a way to sensationalize the dynamic and complex relationship between victim and abuser. The immersive show is set in theater-in-the-round to bring the audience deeper into the mind and perspective of Montresor (who has confidently decided to slowly rid of Fortunato). In “Cask” the two tormented characters, Montresor and Fortunato, are explored through the female embodiment of the roles ; while three original characters were also created, the Tenebris (latin for madness) , who act as the vexing voices inside of Montresor’s mind… ultimately driving her to pursue the well planned revenge she has in store for Fortunato.

Total Runtime: 65 minutes
Choreography/Costume + Stage Design: Marissa Alma Nick
Musical Composer: Hope Littwin
Lighting Designer: Gary Lund
Premiere: 2014

Winner of a 2017 Knight Arts Award, “Flowers For Spring” is about the art of aging and dying. This poetic show takes you into the mind of two women who are near the end of their lives and live in the dreamscape land of their memories. “Flowers For Spring” utilizes contemporary dance to further create awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This two act, evening length concert was inspired by the loss of both the choreographer’s grandmothers in 2015 to the disease, and the experience of taking on the role of a caregiver. Furthermore, the title (and use) of flowers in each act comes from the memory sensory that flowers ignited in each of the grandmothers.

Total Runtime: 60 minutes
Choreography/Costume + Stage Design: Marissa Alma Nick
Composer: Hope Littwin
Lighting Designer: Gary Lund
Premiere: 2016

This is a site-specific and site-adaptive remake of the iconic ballet, “Giselle”. The contemporary adaptation plays with the tone of the classic story, by transforming Giselle from a broken-hearted victim of suicide into a bold woman who took matters into her own hands. The performance takes us directly into what is commonly referred to as ‘Act 2′: at the gravesite of Giselle and the enchanted forest of the Willies, led by their Queen Myrtha. The dance moves the audience through the site, beginning at the grave site of Giselle and ending with her giving herself to the Willies, and remaining in the forest for all eternity. In this version of “Giselle” there is no lover trying to rescue her. And there is no one that she sacrifices herself for. There is not even regret. There is only a woman who (in her own eyes) chose freedom.

Approx Total Runtime: 40 minutes
Choreography/Costume Design: Marissa Alma Nick
Composer: Hope Littwin
Lighting Designer: Gary Lund
Premiere: 2018

“In the name of Candida Royalle” is a current and courageous dance-theatre performance that deconstructs todays dehumanizing censorship over women. It looks head on at todays rape-culture through the lens of a sex-positive perspective, creating a conversation (through dance) about how to view women as fully human and agents of their own sexuality. The title of the work is inspired by a unique motto that became common in rehearsals during the beginning stages of the piece – as a way of harnessing an empowered state. And in fact, Candida Royalle is an icon of the sex-positive feminist movement, who passed away in 2015.

Approx Total Runtime: 60 minutes
Choreography/Costume Design: Marissa Alma Nick
Composer: Hope Littwin
Set Designer/Visual Artist: Aemi
Lighting Designer: Gary Lund
Premiere: 2018

Artist's Calendar

Venue / Time
Miami Dade County Auditorium
2901 West Flagler Street

Miami, FL 33135
8:00 pm
The Colony Theatre
1040 Lincoln RD

Miami Beach, FL 33139
8:00 pm
“APAP 2018 Showcase”
NY City Center Studio 4
130 W. 56th Street

New York, NY 10019
2:40 pm


Marissa Alma Nick is a dancer/choreographer/director native to Miami, the founder of ‘Alma Dance Theater’ and the founding director of ‘ScreenDance Miami’ (produced from 2014-2016 by Mary Luft and Tigertail Miami) for the festivals first three years. She is a high school graduate from the New World School of the Arts, received her BFA in dance performance from the University of South Florida, and participated in the Creative Capital Professional Development Program. Post graduation, she moved to Los Angeles and worked as a freelance dancer (signed to MSA Agency); and then in 2011 moved back to Miami and launched her choreographic career. Her immersive performances exist on stage, in site-specific settings, screendances, and conceptual installations. Marissa is a 2017 recipient of the Knight Arts Award; and her work has been commissioned by Tigertail Productions, Miami Design District, Art Basel Miami, Filmgate Interactive, Vizcaya Museum, New World School of the Arts, Nova Southeastern University, and Miami-Dade College. She has been awarded support through Miami-Dade County Cultural Affairs, Miami Light Project and Miami-Dade County Auditorium. Also, she has also received two Artist Access Awards to attend the international screendance festival ‘Cinedans’ in Amsterdam.

Marissa will boldly bring you into her world and express to you the kaleidoscopic nature of your soul - N. Martinez, Village Voice Media

For me, dance is cathartic and deeply visceral. It actively creates a way for me to be present in my life, and sometimes it even gives me an outer-body experience. So as a choreographer, I try to create art that gives the dancer (and the audience) the same opportunity for this necessary type of expression -  Marissa Alma Nick

Alma Dance Theater is an all-female Miami dance company, founded by choreographer Marissa Alma Nick, known for its immersive theatrical productions, dance-for-camera projects and site-specific performances. ALDT is creating an empowered voice for a new generation of women through the language of dance and boldly merging the body with visual art to bring the highest caliber of contemporary dance to South-Florida and abroad.

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