BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance is a contemporary dance company that captures and communicates universal human encounters through dynamic, purposeful movement. We are a multifaceted, highly physical company laced with provocative, emotional, political and humorous edges. Our mission is to examine depths of society in its darkest and brightest moments and to inspire audiences to physically sense emotional and psychological aspects of the human condition on stage. We also consistently work via in-depth collaborations in lighting, costume, video and set design. In addition to creating and performing innovative works, our company is committed to reaching diverse populations through outreach and education and maintaining a stable business model to sustain our work. Valuing international exchange; we collectively speak nine languages and research, perform, and collaborate with artists from five continents. BodyStories’ work has been positively reviewed by New York Times, NPR, Huffington Post, Scotsman, Oberon’s Grove,, Skinny Magazine, World Dance Reviews, Edinburgh Festivals Magazine, Edinburgh Spotlight, Southampton Press, Stage Buddy, East Hampton Press, Sun Journal, Broadway Baby, and Earth Press. Commissioned by NYC Department of Transportation’s Summer Streets, chashama, Marigny Opera Contemporary Ballet, Island Moving Company, and Hudson River Museum via Jordan Matter Dancers Among Us exhibit.

BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance 

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Rose walk green ice explores self-awareness within communal bonds. By varying spatial orientation to the audience, utilizing various groupings, and highlighting key moments from images in the trilogy, audiences are offered multiple perspectives of each character, from a variety of angles. Through these perspectives, the audience is offered notions of familial bonding and identity formation, in the hopes that each audience member becomes more aware and appreciative of the complete self and of those around them.

The Warm-Up is an active, fun, and thought-provoking piece that investigates the intersection of dance and exercise.

Agawam, where connectivity, fast foot-work, and complex partnering examine sensibilities behind work ethic and familial bonds of post-depression-era , working-class Italian-American immigrant families. Translation of some ethos, social practices, and memories.

HOME draws upon ritualistic process to elucidate one’s search for home via encounters, communication, and understanding of one’s self and others. Through movement ranging from off-centered to centered, syncopated to calm, the audience follows this stormed yet intriguing journey that many undertake in creating a home for themselves.

Mantises Are Flipping is a trilogy of three independent works that investigate reactions and relationships to sound and explore duality through movement. Euphoria, excitement, focus, frustration, and persistence are communicated through highly physical to vaguely indicated partnerships, and juxtaposition of rhythm, harmony, and dissonance.

Dancers in cyborg society, Control Dominion, struggle between individual will and governing control. Dynamic progressions become chock full of manic activity as dancer fling, throw, jerk, jump, stiffen, fall, roll ,lift, and engage, sometimes beyond their capacity to control.

Fault Line, a quartet, reflects growth, repetition, contrast, intimacy, separation, and parallels of human relationships at varying levels of connection. Fault Line establishes complex roles of two co-existing relationships, both isolated and intertwined, and the dissolution of each. Complicated phrase work and partnering embodies how relationships and movement can ricochet, burst, support, harmonize, and suspend.

A physical response to the dilemma of human mi­gration, Border Project carves out a corporeal map of the familiar and unfamiliar, addressing subtler psychic borders that occur among the displaced and their pursuit of happiness and identity. On an athletic, highly technical, and emotional journey of movement, dancers build and climb multi-level walls, collide, press, travel, wind, delineate, and reach. They immerse themselves in layered cooperative or alien­ating experiences with extreme endurance via accumulation, acceleration, and deceleration.

No One Gets Out of Here Alive: A comedic dance-theater piece about awkward junior high and plastic regressions of adulthood explores differences between mature and immature be­havior via adult commentary with a Brechtian Slant. The clothes thing, boob thing, boyfriend thing, nasty, gossipy, destructive behavior, and much more: all illuminated through excitingly quirky and deconstructed dance vocabulary including a hormonal dance vocabulary, quick physical mood shifts, provocative tableaux, slow motion fight scenes, lip-syncing, athletic partnering, exaggerated facial expressions, situational comedy, dream sequences, and “in­ventive” committed social dancing.

Outreach and Engagement

Company Class

Company Class every Thursday 10-11:30. Dance with us!
Please email for a reservation and location.

NYC After School Programs

BodyStories is excited to move forward with our after-school dance program! Classes will begin in late September and take place on weekdays 4-5:30.
Email us at for information on signing up for Fall or Spring semester classes in NYC, or to schedule a BodyStories guest performance or class visit to your school.

Summer Dance Programs

BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance is thrilled to be returning to The Ross School Summer Program this year! We are having so much fun with our students, sharing with them our BodyStories Dance Curriculum, which includes techniques such as composition, modern, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, and dances from a myriad of cultures.

Dancers ages 6-14 have a chance to learn movement from BodyStories repertory, study a variety of techniques integral to our company, and create their own movement with our composition classes! Please contact to study with us privately, to attend classes in our BodyStories After-school Program in NYC during the school year, or to see how BodyStories can visit your school with classes and/or performances! Please see our Blog for more info.


Our mission involves technical instruction and creativity with a hands-on approach. We build a foundation of confidence and responsibility that fosters growth, imagination, and prosperity, causing a heightened sense of awareness, trust, and communication. We design programs specifically for each client. We look forward to meeting the unique hopes and needs of your community.

Certified and well-equipped to teach a wide range of populations:

  • Professional
  • Young Adults (pre-professional and recreational dancers)
  • Young Children (pre-K through elementary)
  • “Non-Dancers” (ranging from corporate business groups to juvenile hall programs)
  • Special Needs (alternative arts programming for physical and mental disabilities or disorders)
  • Senior Citizens

Examples of Past Offerings: Master classes; Workshops; Lecture demonstrations and interactive performances; Repertory Performances; Composition and Improvisation; Contemporary Techniques; Partnering; Graham, Horton, Nikolais; Ballet, Pointe; African Dance, Jazz and Hip-Hop; Rhythm for Dancers and Percussion; Creative Movement; Social/Ballroom Dance, Line Dances; Tap/Musical Theater; Cross-Training, Fitness, Stretching; Text & Movement; Creative Writing and Poetry; Theater Skills; Dance for Actors; Scene-Writing; Developing an original story; Comedy-Improvisation; Problem-solving and teamwork development; Conflict-resolution and identity themes

Educational and teaching backgrounds include: Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, The Julliard School, Jacob’s Pillow International Dance Festival, Sarah Lawrence College, Conservatoire de Rouen, ENTPE University, (Lyon, France), Barnard College, New Jersey Dance Theater Ensemble, New York University, Broadway Dance Center, University of Florida Dance Department, Pace University, University of Michigan, New Tampa Dance Theater, Arts Access Program: Matheny Medical Educational Center, New York City D.O.E Public School Programs, Senior Citizen Centers, Early Childhood Development Centers, Lindamood Bell Learning Processes, DreamYard Project, interCATaction/Children’s Adaptive Theater, Marquis Studios, City Lights Youth Theatre, Concordia Language Villages, UBS Bank, Community Word Project, OUT Music and Dance Festival, ME, and several private dance studios, conservatories, and colleges.

Artist's Calendar

Venue / Time
“rose walk green ice + other rep”
Hamlin Park Theater
3035 N Hoyne Ave.

Chicago, IL
7:00 pm
“rose walk green ice”
Danspace Project in St, Mark's Church
131 E. 10th Street

New York, NY 10003
8:00 pm
“APAP 2018 Showcase”
NY City Center Studio 4
130 W. 56th Street

New York, NY 10019
1:00 pm



Artistic Director Teresa Fellion founded BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance in late 2011, after working as an independent choreographer since 2004. She has shown work at Baryshnikov Arts Center, Jacob’s Pillow, Public Theater, Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, UF, ENTPE University (Lyon, France), NYU, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Ailey Citigroup Theater, Bryant Park Summer Stage, BDF Edinburgh at EICC, Dixon Place, UME, ICA Boston, 92nd St. Y, Naropa University, Franco-American Cultural Center, CPR, Triskelion Arts, Gibney Dance Center, and in concerts with Phish, among others. Teresa completed a Dance MFA from Sarah Lawrence under Bessie Schonberg Scholarship, Certificate from the Ailey School under scholarship, and BA in French & English Literature, with a minor in dance from NYU as a merit scholar. Teresa was named Artistic Liaison between Cameroon & U.S. by president Paul Biya, while performing with National Ballet du Cameroun and at the National Soccer Cup Finals. She has performed for Lucinda Childs, Sarah Skaggs, Kimberly Young, M’Bewe Escobar, Skip Costa, and Martha Bowers, and she has performed works by Twyla Tharp, Deganit Shemy, Liz Lerman, and Megan Boyd, among others.