danceTactics performance group directs its interest towards dance’s capacity to communicate on its own, undressed. The company is constantly engaged in exploring challenging new ways of working to create textured and inventive choreographic experience.

The company has performed up and down the East Coast of the US and will have its first international performance in Summer 2014.

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Now Touring

A Piece of Hamlets Machine (2013)

Extracted from The Hamletmachine (Heiner Mueller’s single most famous work), the power-packed, incandescent core of the Euro-left anticipates the export-platform resistances of the Euro-state thirty years before the reality. Don’t be fooled by the brevity of the play: every single word, sentence and turn of phrase is loaded with explosive connotations, references, double and triple entendres, criss-crossing like the lines on a city map or the circuits of a chip.
40 minutes

A Utopian Dystopia (2012)

Its underlying subtext centers on a disturbing notion that human diversity as we know it, could become extinct. The piece explores multiple representations, physical, visual and audible, which can speak to the disappearances of sexual identities, physical and mental differences. The piece investigates how each of us understands and filters the idea of diverse identity. It is important to reflect on who and what you believe in and what repercussions do your actions leave upon others.
20 minutes

Beginnings Forever Lost (2012)

An evening length work for five dancers exploring the physical effects of migration and immigration. A pure movement investigation, the work is informed by ideas of group and individual transformations resulting from changes in place, relationships, and goals. Beginnings Forever Lost is set to a collage of music and text inspirations selected by Thompson, costumes by M’Orange Designs, Mandarin Wu.
55 minutes

Scene 10 (2010)

A look into the physical transformation of how migration and immigration affects us physically, ideas and images of leaving something or someone behind, going to or towards a person or place, the struggle of achieving your goals or not, the choices you make alone or with support. Music: Johann Johannson, Steve Lacy, Erik Friedlander.
15 minutes

Outreach and Engagement

Master Classes

Contemporary Technique
Students learn about the elements of dance (the body, space, time, and energy) in these classes led by Keith Thompson and/or company members. These classes investigate the complexity and articulation of multiple pathways through and between spaces.

Led by company members, this class gives students a chance to learn several excerpts from danceTactics’ exciting repertory.

Students discover movement fundamentals and enhance perceptual skills. In this class, dancers work alone and with a variety of partners in order to explore movement initiations and responses to other dancers.

By cultivating short movement studies of choreography as a communicative art form, focus is placed on the exploration of ideas and meaning. Emphasis is placed on the development of personal style as an expressive medium. Students develop the physical and perceptual skills basic to contact improvisation, falling, rolling, giving and taking weight, moving comfortably from the floor to the air, and communication through touch. This class is geared toward dancers as well as actors and those who just love to move.

This class employs dance techniques and improvisational games that expose students to the process of creating their own dances.

Lecture Demonstrations

danceTactics is known for its intricately complex forms. Keith Thompson and the company demonstrate several excerpts from the repertory and discuss how they were constructed. This is a unique window into Thompson’s compositional point of view and how a dance evolves from a thought to a physical expression.


Community Workshops
The company will engage not only professionally inspired dancers, but all those within the community who love to investigate movement. Ideas about the moving body will be communicated, shared, sought after in an environment that seeks to collaborate with all involved. The company will engage you in a world wind exploration of ‘yes I can, why not’ approaches to contemporary and edgy dance.

TACTICS: Performance Workshops
These workshops are geared toward the specific investigation of the human experience culminating with a final showing of a collaborative work-in-progress or finished creation.

Artist's Calendar

Venue / Time
“The Construction Company Showcase”
Ailey Studio Theater
405 W. 55th Street @ 9th Avenue, lower level

New York, NY 10019
10:00 pm
“Gallery Showcase – APAP 2016”
City Center Studio 5
130 W. 56th Street, 5th fl.
[Performing: Mat-ur-a-tion]

New York, NY 10019
3:05 pm
“Gallery Showcase – APAP 2016”
City Center Studio 5
130 W. 56th Street, 5th fl.
[excerpt from 9th Rib: Re-Purposed

New York, NY 10019
2:35 pm
“Triskelion Arts Split Bill”
Triskelion Arts
106 Calyer Street

Brooklyn, NY 11222
“Pentacle Presents: Fall Further IV”
Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street

New York, NY
“The Construction Company Showcase Portfolio”
The Ailey Studios
5th floor studio
405 W. 55th St. @ 9th Ave

New York, NY
“Booking Dance Festival”
Edinburgh, Scotland


danceTactics performance group was officially established in October 2005 with a performance at the DUMBO Dance Festival at White Wave’s John Ryan Theater in Brooklyn. The company has been in residency and has performed at well known venues such as the American Dance Festival Faculty Concert, Dance Theatre Workshop’s Guest Artist Series, Philadelphia’s Wilma Theater, Duke University, Queensborough Performing Arts Center, Dance New Amsterdam and Dixon Place to name a few.

Under the direction of Artistic Director Keith A. Thompson, danceTactics performance group directs its interest towards dance’s capacity to communicate on its own, undressed. The company thrives on seeking out challenges of discovery that takes place within the moment, compositionally and conceptually. Complexity and the articulation of multiple pathways through and between spaces are a main focus. Thompson in collaboration with his dancers intensely value researching the fusion of theater and contemporary dance. With a passionate focus of movement investigation in dance and physical theater we look to create a connection somewhere between abstraction and narrative for the viewer.

Thompson and his dancers have engaged university students across the country to think outside the box through the sharing of danceTactics repertoire. danceTactics holds residency, workshop, and collaborative experiences in high regard, and continues to seek out diverse educational environments in which to foster collaboration among students and professional dancers. danceTactics fosters strong artistic relationships among artists in different mediums, as well as artist from across cultural and geographic divides. danceTactics is constantly engaged in exploring challenging new ways of working to create textured and inventive choreographic experience.

Keith A. Thompson —choreographer, teacher, dancer— completed his MFA Research Fellowship in Dance from Bennington College in 2003, danced internationally for the Trisha Brown Dance Company from 1992-2001, served as Trisha’s Rehearsal Assistant from 1998-2001, has performed with the Bebe Miller Company and currently performs and is rehearsal director with Liz Lerman. He has taught master classes and workshops in Contemporary Technique, choreography and partnering globally including master company teacher for Sasha Waltz & Dancers (Berlin), TsEKh Summer Dance School Moscow Russia, the International Dance Festival (Kyoto, Sapporo, Tokyo Japan), Tanzwerkstatt Europa Festival (Munich), Berlin, Paris, Montpellier France and the Korea Dance Festival (Seoul, Korea). Keith has been faculty at the Florida Dance Festival, American Dance Festival, has served on several university faculties and is currently faculty at Mason Gross School of the Arts Dance Department at Rutgers University. He has served on artistic panels such as DTW’s Fresh Tracks and as adjudicator for American College Dance Festival Association since ’05.

Thompson’s choreography has been featured at Harvard University, University of Maryland College Park, the American Dance Festival Faculty Concert, Montpellier International Dance Festival, Dance Theater Workshop Guest Artist Series 2006 (New York, NY); Dance Boom Festival at the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia, Dixon Place NYC, ICOM at DNA, American Dance Guild Festival, the 15th Anniversary Dancenow New York Festival, the 2011 Annual Aging in America Conference and the 2012 2nd Annual Feature Length Independent Choreography Festival in Brooklyn, NY.