Since founding his company in 1985, visionary choreographer David Dorfman has made it a priority to consistently engage with the communities and audiences impacted by his company’s work. Creating invigorating, innovative, and vibrant dance for and with dancers and non-dancers alike, David Dorfman Dance presents radically humanistic dance that hits at the heart of the human condition–yielding an experience of everyday heroism and identifiable humor and pathos.

“…[Dorfman] has never shied away from openhearted explorations of self and society, channeling big ideas into raw hyper-athletic movement that calls for go-for-broke dancers.” – The New York Times



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Now Touring

Dates Available for Touring
Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

Touring Personnel
Performers: 8 dancers/3 musicians*
Artistic/Administrative Staff: 1
Production Staff: 2

Repertory Available 2017-18
Original Score: Samuel Crawford, Liz de Lise, Zeb Gould
Visual Media: Shawn Hove
Lighting Design: Tuce Yasak
Using Dorfman’s signature combination of off-kilter, seemingly impossible spins, perches and partnerings, Aroundtown will uplift audiences, revealing a path to redemption and joy, hope and our collective humanity. This timely new work features original live music, text and animated visuals. The company also offers a special residency option for dancers from the local community or dance department to be part of the public performance.

Prophets of Funk Prophets of Funk is an evening that celebrates Sly and the Family Stone’s groundbreaking, visceral, powerful music, and the struggles and celebration of everyday people. Dorfman and Sly and the Family Stone find common purpose in the prophetic possibilities of music and dance that invite everyday people to find ardor in the muck and mess – the funk – of life. Prophets of Funk seeks to lift up the spirit of Sly: insisting that in the face of this funk, there are still hopes and aspirations that reside in all of us.
*There are no musicians in the touring party for Prophets of Funk.

Outreach and Engagement

David Dorfman Dance excels in community outreach activities. The company has vast experience working with presenters to tailor workshops for special audiences around the world. Specialized offerings include but are not limited to workshops for students with learning disabilities and/or anyone with limited movement capabilities.

Aroundtown Residency
The company offers a 3 – 7 day residency, where they will work one-on-one with dancers from the local dance department or community, incorporating them into the evening performance of Aroundtown. Participants are required to attend a minimum of three rehearsals each 3 hours in length.

Master Classes
Classes for Dancers: Classes are available for dance students at a variety of levels, in most styles including Text and Movement, Improvisational Technique and company repertory.
Classes for Athletes: David Dorfman has used his own experience as a sports athlete and a dancer to create a class specifically designed for athletes. Practicing a selection of movement from Dorfman’s dance vocabulary, athletes will strengthen and stretch their bodies – aiding in reducing stress and risk of injury. In addition, the class will teach athletes how to be aware of their bodies while in motion – improving their quality of movement on the playing field.
Choreography Class: Students will study choreography as social and personal commentary. Working in class on both solo and group projects, students will be encouraged to find compositional means for exploring areas about which they are passionate.

Student Performance/Schooltime Matinee 
This accessible program for young audiences gives students first-hand experience on dance, video, performance and the creative process. Performances can be arranged either with the students brought to the theater or as an assembly program at the school. DDD perform sections of their repertory and show how they incorporate video, innovative movement, partnering and original music into their works. Student audience participation is often included and study guides for teachers are available.

Artist Talk / Lecture Demonstration
Lec/Dem is available for groups such as Rotary, Kiwanis, senior homes and local atheltic teams. These events canbe held anywhere from a local gymnasium to an open area in a senior home. The lec/dem focuses on the interrelationship between dance and atheltic or pedestrian/everyday movement. Excerpts from repertoryare performed – assuming the site allows – to demonstrate these points.

Open rehearsals, pre-performance talks and post-performance talks also available.

Artist's Calendar

Venue / Time
“Stavros Niarchos Foundation”
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
Athens, Greece
Summer Intensive: David Dorfman Dance”
Connecticut College
New London, CT
“Come, and Back Again”
Dancers' Workshop
Jackson, WY


About the Company
Since 1987, David Dorfman Dance (DDD) has promoted the appreciation and critical understanding of dance by realizing the creation of new works by choreographer David Dorfman and his artistic collaborators. In advocating his mission “to get the whole world dancing,” Dorfman’s work has enjoyed broad and diverse audiences nationally and internationally. Dorfman creates dance that seeks to de-stigmatize the notion of accessibility and interaction in post-modern dance by embracing audiences with visceral, meaningful dance, music and text. By sustaining a vision to create innovative, inclusive, movement-based performance that is radically humanistic, DDD maintains a core commitment to examine and unearth issues and ideas that enliven, incite, and excite audiences in dialogue and debate about social change and a myriad of other topics.

DDD has performed extensively throughout North and South America, Great Britain, Europe, and in New York City at major venues, including The Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Joyce Theater, The Kitchen, Danspace Project/St. Mark’s Church, La Mama Theater, The Duke on 42nd Street, and the 92nd St. “Y”/Harkness Dance Festival. David Dorfman, the company’s dancers, and DDD’s artistic collaborators have been honored with eight New York Dance and Performance (Bessie) Awards. DDD has effectively engaged audiences worldwide, with community-based projects playing an important role, particularly in the 1990’s. In Out of Season (The Athletes Project) and Familiar Movements (The Family Project), the members of the company rehearsed and performed with groups of volunteer athletes or family members selected in the communities to which the company toured.  In No Roles Barred, DDD examined the personal roles assumed, formed and interwoven in our modern social construct. These projects have been enjoyed not only by athletes and family members but also by groups ranging from corporate executives and “at-risk” youths to college administrators, doctors, carpenters and social dance enthusiasts. The company’s three community projects have been presented over 30 times in 18 states and abroad. In 2014, the company was invited by DanceMotion USA to perform and conduct outreach activities in Turkey, Armenia, and Tajikistan. In summer 2016 the company traveled to Athens, Greece for a week of performances and outreach activities.

David Dorfman, Artistic Director
David Dorfman is the founding artistic director of David Dorfman Dance and the dance department chair at Connecticut College, where he has been a professor since 2004. He was the recipient of a 2005 Guggenheim fellowship and has been honored with four fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, three New York Foundation for the Arts fellowships, an American Choreographer’s Award, the first Paul Taylor Fellowship from The Yard, the Martha Hill Fund for Dance’s Mid-Career Award, and a Bessie Award for David Dorfman Dance’s community-based project Familiar Movements (The Family Project).



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