Energetic, Imaginative, & Passionate! Founded in 2013, Hanna Q Dance Company has been performing original works. The Swedish born and raised Artistic Director and Choreographer, Johanna LjungQvistBrinson, draws inspiration from the forces of nature and uses its elements to create dynamic narratives through movement. The choreography is comprised of technically rigorous movement, derived from Johanna’s background in Dunham technique, as well as partnering at once intricately acrobatic and viscerally human. The dancers express bursts of passion and athleticism, sweeping the audience into a different world full of emotions. The company has performed in venues mostly in NYC, including Dixon Place, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Dance Festival, TADA!Theater, The Actors Fund Arts Center, Green Space, New York Live Arts, The Triskelion Arts, and West End Theater.

Hanna Q Dance Company

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Lust and Suffering (11 minutes)

The piece was inspired by Anain Nin’s 1920s novels, specifically Four Chambered Hearts. The story is based on Nin’s own experiences and destructive romantic relationship, where she attempts to describe the anguish and the passion she felt in her decade-long relation with Moré, who was married to another woman. Music by The Moon Ate the Dark

Threat to Freedom and Democracy (15 minutes)

Johanna’s most recent piece expresses her anxieties about what is happening around the world. She corresponded with her composer friend Stephane, and he composed the music based on her descriptions and music-less video clips of dance rehearsals. The choreography highlights Johanna’s fears of the threat to democracy and human rights domestically, the terrorist attacks around the world, and her questions as to how these events will affect our daily freedoms. She feels that if one believes their democracy and rights are being taken away, that one should speak up. Many times Johanna gains movement inspiration from her dreams, but in this piece, she gains them from her nightmares.

Things We Don’t Speak About (6 minutes)

Silent conflict with friends, spouses, family, and society is what Johanna highlights in Things. Certain topics are not spoken often about due to strained relations, or the fact that they are “taboo” in society. Issues that would make one feel uncomfortable or upset; truths that one wants to be in denial about. Johanna creates tension and love in the intricate, expressive partnering and gendered choreography. She shows a power struggle between the two groups.  Music by Giovanni Sollima.

Equus (10 minutes)

Johanna was inspired by the power and positive energy of horses. Their strong muscles, graceful necks, and energetic tails impressed her creative mind. She incorporated their leaping, galloping, cantering, and bucking into the dancer’s movements. Each movement showcases a different horse action, attitude, or even type of horse, like war or show horses. Johanna wanted to depict the social behavior not only with horses, but also with humans, as each animal interacts with each other. Music by Eric Whitacre.

Little Red Riding Hood (25 minutes)

This piece uncovers that which lies beneath our sexual disguises. Little Red’s binding innocence is not enough to contain her physical awakening when loose in the forest. A Wolf, passing for a man, grapples with loneliness all the while expanding more energy hiding this struggle from the outside world. A Hunter ambushed by love, is unwilling to kill that which society expects him to. As such, the cast is unified by fragmented psyches. Little Red Riding Hood strips down the timeless tale of what befalls us when we find ourselves lost in the woods. Music by Stephane Le Gouvello and Elliot Moss.

Artist's Calendar

Venue / Time

Milford, PA
“Fall Further”
Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street

New York, NY 10002
7:00 pm
“APAP 2018 Showcase”
NY City Center Studio 4
130 W. 56th Street

New York, NY 10019
2:20 pm


Johanna LjungQvist-Brinson (Hanna Q) started dancing at age 3, in her hometown Boras, Sweden. She has no memory of not dancing. Her life in Sweden was dancing, performing and teaching. She obtained her BFA degree in Dance Education and Dance Pedagogy from The University of Dance and Circus (DOCH), in Stockholm, Sweden. Since then, Johanna has been in the dance world for over 20 years in Europe and the US. She was a former teacher at the Académie Internationale de la Danse in Paris.In 2008 she founded her school, Delaware Dancers, a nonprofit organization (with a 501 C 3 Status), where she is the director, teacher, and choreographer. Then in May of 2013, Johanna founded Hanna Q Dance Company. She feeds her energy into the company’s essence- the movements, feelings, and choreography style. Her work reflects her thoughts and desires that she may not reveal through verbal conversation. Her choreography is an outlet of current emotion.