Brandon “Peace” Albright and his Philadelphia-based company create an evening of exhilarating dance rooted in contemporary, West African, and old-school hip-hop styles, blended with an eclectic mix of dance and performance disciplines including tap, ballet, DJing, and beatboxing. The company has toured nationally and internationally to critical acclaim, spreading Albright’s positive message of “peace, love and respect” to audiences of all ages.

“…some of the most dazzling breaking techniques I’ve ever seen…Watching these dancers was like watching the greatest ballet virtuosos, each fighting gravity and the appearance of effort, and demanding and getting the impossible from the human body.” -The New York Times

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Now Touring

Dates Available for Touring
Fall 2017-Spring 2018

Touring Personnel
Performers: 8-10
Production Staff: 2

Repertory Available 2017-18
We Dance II Inspire
The third work in Illstyle’s “Same Spirit, Different Movement” cannon, “We Dance II Inspire” celebrates the spirit of dance and its power to bring communities together. Brandon “Peace” Albright was deeply influenced to create this work from the company’s experience as US Cultural Ambassadors during a 2013 State Department Dance Motion USA tour to Russia, Belarus & the Ukraine where he witnessed how dance is an inspiration to all. Watching people smile, move and share respect for one another across cultures and generations, he realized that dance transcends physical, emotional and verbal barriers. This project was created to engage and inspire you, the audience to Be YOU, Love YOU, BUT most of all LOVE EACH OTHER.

IMpossible IZZpossible & KINGZ
“IMpossible IZZpossible” celebrates the art and movement of hip-hop and includes a funky blend of locking, breaking, popping, tap and house dancing, vocal percussions, and DJing while blending both modern and traditional dance forms. The work emphasizes hip-hop’s use of similar steps to those found in ballet, modern and other, more traditional dance forms, adding an urban style to create new steps.

Go to: OUTREACH AND ENGAGEMENT for Schooltime Matinee and Family Show offerings and videos.

Outreach and Engagement

Student Performances/Schooltime Matinees

Become Your Dreams: The History of Hip Hop: The history of hip-hop dance as well as other styles of dance are explained and demonstrated. The audience will also learn about the role of the DJ, Beatboxer, and MC. At the end of the lecture-demonstration the group invites a few audience members on stage to perform some moves with them. Target audiences are both children and adults. Length: 45 min to 1 hour. Click Here for Video

NO Bullying, STOP Bullying… And Let’s Be Friends!: This high energy dance show works to prevent bullying through an eclectic mix of music, slapstick comedy and animated story-telling. Target audience: Grades K-6 Length: 45 min to 1 hour. Click Here for Video

Hip Hop Added Up! Putting Your Education First, and Getting Focused on Math: Using movement patterns and complex rhythms, Illstyle explains math concepts in a fun and engaging way. They cover addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions, and help kids associate positive messages with mathematics. Illstyle believes knowledge is power, and so they created this show to inspire a love of learning math with a creative twist. Length: 45 min to 1 hour. Click Here for Video

Illstyle Block Party
Get ready to for an interactive dance party with Illstyle & Peace. Emceed by Brandon “Peace” Albright, the ensemble will lead a dance party drawing on everything from old-school rap to West African musical forms. Members from the ensemble demonstrate various dance styles, engaging with audience members in an event that will have everyone on their feet and dancing. Perfect for an outdoor festival or weekend family event, the Block Party can be programmed as the second half of an Illstyle dance performance.

Master Classes + Workshops
Company offers beginner to advance hip-hop master classes for participants of all ages. Company specializes in workshops that engage individuals with the physically and mentally disabled youth and adults.

Pre-performance talks and post-performance discussions available upon request.

Artist's Calendar

Venue / Time
Huntington Arts Council
Huntington, NY
“Block Party”
Lincoln Center Out of Doors
New York, NY
Marple Public Library
Broomall, PA
“IMpossible IZZpossible”
Millersville University
Millersville, PA
Lake Placid Center for the Arts
Lake Placid, NY
“Become Your Dreams: The History of Hip Hop”
Joshua M. Freeman Foundation
Selbyville, DE
“IMpossible IZZpossible”
Jefferson Center Foundation
Roanoke, VA
Carnegie Hall, Inc.
Lewisburg, WV
“IMpossible IZZpossible”
Lincoln Center Fort Collins
Fort Collins, CO
The Grand Opera House
Wilmington, DE


About the Company
Illstyle & Peace Productions is a multicultural dance company based in Philadelphia and founded in 2002 by Brandon “Peace” Albright and Forrest “Getemgump” Webb. They create work rooted in contemporary and old school hip-hop. Working from an eclectic mix of dance and performance disciplines including tap, ballet, house dancing, DJing, and beatboxing, Illstyle & Peace Productions create a unique new style of hip-hop. Illstyle has toured to critical acclaim both nationally and internationally and is committed to delivering a positive message to audiences young and old. The company’s work celebrates the art of hip-hop by adding an urban style to traditional moves in order to create a new step.

The New York Times has described Illstyle & Peace Productions’ work as “a hip-hop revue with killer dancing.” Most recently, critic Roslyn Sulcas of the Times has stated that “the ensemble displayed some of the most dazzling breaking techniques I’ve ever seen, while Mr.Albright’s choreography possessed a sly humor and an adept sense of spatial composition. Watching these dancers was like watching the greatest ballet virtuosos, each fighting gravity and the appearance of effort, and demanding and getting the impossible from the human body. They were fabulous.”

Illstyle & Peace Productions has performed at DanceAfrica at BAM, Brooklyn, NY; Open Look Festival, St Petersburg, Russia; the XIII Annual Contemporary Dance Conference and Performance Festival, By tom, Poland; Dancing in the Streets/Hip-hop Generations Next, New York, NY; Philly Live Arts Festival, Philadelphia, PA; Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario; Dance Place, Washington, DC; Calgary International Children’s Festival, Calgary, Alberta; Rialto Center for the Arts, Atlanta, GA; the Ordway Performing Arts Center, St Paul, MN; the Egg Center for the Performing Arts, Albany, NY; Summer Stages Dance, Concord, MA; Jacob’s Pillow, Becket, MA; Celebrate Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY; Aaron Davis Hall, New York, NY; San Francisco Hip-Hop Dance Festival, San Francisco, CA; and Dance Adventure Stage, Chicago, IL, among others. In 2013 the company was invited by DanceMotion USA to perform and conduct outreach activities in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Brandon, “Peace” Albright, Artistic Director
Albright is well-versed in the various styles of hip-hop dance and lives, eats, and breathes hip-hop as a dancer, choreographer, and actor. His style brings tremendous energy to the stage, presenting a cogent voice in theater. He was an original member of the Philly-based crew Scanner Boyz. He has danced for major recording artists such as Schooly D, Will Smith, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Boyz II Men, and the Beach Boys, to name a few. Albright has toured nationally and internationally in productions such as DanceAfrica, Memphis Ballet, Rome and Jewels, and Hip Hop Legends. With Illstyle & Peace Productions, he continues to share his dance ministry with diverse audiences. Same Spirit Different Movement I & II, IMpossible, IZZpossible, the most recent work Albright choreographed for the company—which includes locking, popping, breaking, beatboxing, hip-hop, tap, modern jazz, African dance, belly dance, singing, and DJing—has toured nationally and internationally to critical acclaim and been performed in Russia, Poland, Canada, London, Italy, France, and many other places. Albright also offers outstanding high-energy workshops, master classes, and educational program shows, including Become Your Dreams: The History of Hip Hop; Hip Hop add it up, a math lecture demonstration program; and NO-Bullying STOP-Bullying, and let’s be friends, a stop the violence and eat healthy show. Albright is intrigued by the universality of hip-hop and continues to seek inspiration from other dance and art forms.


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