Lorraine Chapman The Company (LCTC) embraces and executes musicality with a theatrical approach, and explores the versatility of the speed in which one can express oneself through movement. There is an inner fear, an inner joy, an inner passion, an inner ambivalence, and an inner contradictory experience that drives the outer physicality of the work.

One of Boston’s leading modern dance companies, LCTC has performed throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic region. Ms. Chapman’s work has been commissioned across the US and Canada.

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the solemn moment (30 minutes)

Possibilities are explored inside the world of a photograph taken in the 1980′s of an amateur performance troupe from an obscure region of a foreign country. The dancers enact choreography and song; perhaps they are rehearsing, perhaps they are performing, or perhaps they are fantasizing, allowing the audience to enter and experience their inner image-world.

Gilbert & George (20 minutes)

A quintet set to snippets of arias sung by legendary opera soprano Lily Pons and to the static inherent in the old recordings. The dancers perform a variety show of ensemble choreography and virtuosic solos that reflect her amazing vocal range, and the inner conflict a performer must work through in order to achieve a certain command of the stage.

Good Enough for Me (15 minutes)

Set to the music of Tom Waits, this work explores a tragic discovery in a small, rural American town; that of a young girl’s remains in the woods. The work explores how this event affects her mother who goes mad with grief, the townsfolk – some of whom could care less, and culminates in a duet for two of the girl’s best friends, one trying to comfort the other throughout as Waits heartbreakingly asks the question, “Why wasn’t God watching?”

Wait for ME fellas (20 minutes)

This work is an abstracted deconstruction of several Vaudeville acts from 1935. It is presented by the performers and seen by the audience from skewed perspective, perhaps that of a Warner Bros. cartoon character. The emphasis of the work is on the emotional make-up of the people involved, particularly their own self-involvement, and in what capacity they’ve decided to be involved with each other from moment to moment.

Outreach and Engagement

At the heart of LCTC is the exploration of how to apply a wide range of disciplines—including theater, film, and visual arts—to movement and choreography creating conceptual, multi-media dance performance. Choreographers working under our umbrella are required to research the most internationally marketable dancemakers who are expertly applying interdisciplinary elements to their current work. They are then asked to pin-point what inspires them most about this work and apply choice elements to their own creative process, at the same time making it their own. Through consistent research and application and personalized mentorship, our goal is for these choreographers to grow into nationally and internationally marketable dance artists, each one possessing a unique voice and vision.

LCTC is committed to artistic integrity, progressive programming, quality instruction, serving a vibrant community, training and nurturing young dancers and providing select students an exposure to professional dance experiences. LCTC also offers an educational and comprehensive out-reach program that communicates positivity and the value of dance as artistic expression.

Teachers working under our umbrella teach classes that provide both professional and emerging dance artists detailed and judicious, whole body-mind training necessary to develop and sustain their careers. Dancers of all levels (including adult beginners, children under 11, and pre-professional students 11–14 and 15–18) can discover the boundless potential of movement with classes in contemporary-based work. Our pre-professional division, currently under construction, for ages 11–14 and 15–18 is the perfect training ground for a competitive college dance major designed specifically for this purpose. We also are working toward offering classes in many of the health and wellness modalities and expressive therapies.

Thinking work inspires a thinking audience.

A variety of contexts within discovery, development, process and performance greatly impacts the work and the audience. LCTC works with both artist and audience to engage, encourage, experience, and discuss the unusual, the unexpected, and sometimes even the unorthodox. Pre- and post-show discussions are scheduled before and after all performances. Monthly film screenings of current work being presented in the most exciting venues and dance festivals world wide expand knowledge, and are co-facilitated by Lorraine and several partnering organizations and individuals.

LCTC aligns the worlds of art and business

With the active involvement of prominent professionals as well as the next generation of outstanding individuals in arts & business, we successfully convey our system of core values through entrepreneurial, online marketing campaigns that successfully reach our target audiences and customers. We communicate reputation, value, worth, and products and services using wholly innovative and groundbreaking marketing and communications techniques.

LCTC has always been able to provide passionate, engaging, and satisfying theatrical dance performance and wishes to create appreciation for and contribute development to the art form and to become a leading contemporary dance organization with a local, national and international audience.

LCTC has developed a solid reputation in New England where it performs regularly, and is one of Boston’s leading modern dance companies. LCTC premiered in 2002 at the Dance Complex in Cambridge, MA and was produced five times in its first six years by Boston’s leading presenter of dance, World Music/CRASHarts. LCTC has also been presented by Dancing Nor’easters, Soaking WET, Stonington Opera House, The Yard, Jacob’s Pillow, Yes, Virginia-Dance Festival, Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Boston Center for the Arts, art”BEAT”, Boston University, Across The Ages Dance, Summer Stages Dance, Southern Vermont Dance Festival, Cape Dance Festival, Dances At Noon, Dance NOW Boston, Dixon Place, and Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater.

Since its founding in 2002, LCTC has:

  • Performed 60 times in Greater Boston as well as in Connecticut, New York City, Maine, Chilmark, Becket, Virginia, Vermont, Swansea, and Provincetown
  • Performed 25 different new works
  • Provided professional development, training, and performance opportunities to high-school-age students by creating apprentice positions

Our goal is to become a place where we can support the making of endless, innovative work and be able to fully produce that work, to become a destination for the experimentation of contemporary dance and to partner with like-minded organizations, all on a local, national, and international scale. Our vision is to be visionary, to stimulate new thinking, to arrive at prenominal conclusions, to expand the dance terrain and to highlight the human condition, to reveal and to be relevant, to be inspiring and to be inspired.

Artist's Calendar

Venue / Time
“Gallery Showcase – APAP 2016”
City Center Studio 5
130 W. 56th Street, 5th fl.

New York, NY 10019
3:50 pm
“Pentacle Presents: The Gallery: Boston”
The Dance Complex  
536 Massachusetts Ave

Cambridge, MA 02139
Boston University Dance Theater
915 Commonwealth Avenue

Boston, MA 02215
“Pentacle Presents: Fall Further IV”
Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street

New York, NY
7:00 pm
“Pentacle Presents! The Gallery: Boston”
Green Street Studios
185 Green Street

Cambridge, MA 02139
“Southern Vermont Dance Festival”
The Colonial Theater
95 Main Street #6

Keene, NH 03431
“Southern Vermont Dance Festival”
Redfern Arts Center at Keene State College
Keene, NH
8:00 pm


Lorraine Chapman, one of Dance Magazine’s “25 To Watch”, has danced with Eliot Feld Ballets/NY and Ballet British Columbia as well as for several Boston-based choreographers including Amy Spencer, Richard Colton, Diane Arvanites, Jose Mateo, and Marcus Schulkind. She received her training at The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and L’Ecole Superieure De Danse Du Quebec as well as from Boston veterans Francis Kotelly and Samuel Kurkjian. Lorraine is an instructor of dance education at The Boston Conservatory and the Assistant Artistic Director of the pre-professional division at the Ballet Arts Centre of Winchester. Lorraine is one of only six recipients of a $15,000 Brother Thomas Fellowship – Special Arts Initiative of The Boston Foundation 2013 and one of only two recipients of the Boston Dance Alliance’s Rehearsal & Retreat Fellowship 2014. LCTC is represented by The Gallery at Pentacle, an eclectic group of vibrant and talented dance makers. As a choreographer, Lorraine explores the known elements of dance in significantly original and unexpected ways and comes to different, invented and idiosyncratic conclusions from other dancemakers. She is interested in the state of mind, heart, and spirit of “the performer,” or “one who performs,” and here lies the connection to the source energy of each and every dance she creates. Through LCTC, Lorraine trains and nurtures young dancers, provides select students an exposure to professional dance experiences, and offers an educational and comprehensive outreach program that communicates positivity and the value of dance as artistic expression.

Founded in 2002 by Lorraine Chapman, LCTC‘s vision is to become a center for investigative movement and visual arts supporting a diverse group of individuals. We value and support interdisciplinary collaboration and cultural diversity based on the contemporary definition of dance and are working on providing opportunities for artists in a wide range of disciplines to rehearse, perform, teach, study and collaborate. The focus of these opportunities is on building conceptual dance-theater that is truly provocative, passionate and engaging. We are developing programs that support inquiry and excellence and hope to evolve into a nationally & internationally known contemporary arts organization.