Distilling the art of breaking to its purest form, Raphael Xavier takes this movement vocabulary to uncharted territory. Expanding both dancer and audience expectations, Xavier has forged an exceptional approach to improvisation, clearing the path for those interested in breaking as an art form. A multi-faceted creator who draws inspiration from his many talents in dance, music, photography, and writing, Xavier’s original works are a transcendent mix of poetry, precision and spontaneity.

“…Artful and mesmerizing, Xavier transforms a bravado dance style into an introspective meditation.” - Dance Magazine

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Now Touring

Dates Available for Touring
Fall 2018-Spring 2019

Touring Personnel
Performers: 5 dancers
Production Staff: 1

Repertory Available 2018/19

Point of Interest
Choreography & Sound Design: Raphael Xavier
Crackling with his signature bravado and high-energy physicality, Raphael Xavier shares the stage with a multigenerational cast, performing a series of solos, duets and quintets in his newest evening-length work. The work features a soundscape of beats, spoken word poetry and musical rhythms. Shining a light on the natural, humorous and at times painful change of the maturing Breaker dancer, Point of Interest ventures into the “mature” space for hip-hop dance, following the standard of traditional Breaking aesthetics while pushing the boundaries of a culture and dance form commonly associated with youth.

“I am a performer. I want to discover, break and change things. By definition, ‘breaking’ means to separate into pieces; become inoperative; break down; malfunction and crash. Its success is in taking it apart – if I can take this apart, I have succeeded in Breaking. And this has been evident in my philosophy and practice of the Breaking form since my introduction in 1983.” -RX

 New Work
Description coming soon.


Outreach and Engagement

Master Classes
Rooted in Xavier’s own Ground-Core technique (a Somatic dance technique) the class allows for each participant to identify and strengthen his/her own core, creating an awareness of how it shifts and moves throughout space. The instructor deconstructs various breaking movements which participants are then taught to perform. By making this movement accessible to any body type, the class helps create a new vocabulary for the practitioner, allowing for a better understanding of the body within all dance forms. Master classes can be tailored to participant demographic depending on age and dance capabilities/training.

SCHOOLTIME MATINEE: Point of Interest (50 minutes/includes Q&A session)
In this performance for student audiences, the matinee begins with a brief introduction from Raphael Xavier providing students insight into his approach and helping  them contextualize the performance that they are about to experience. Following a 40 minute version of Point of Interest,  the full company participates in a Q&A session with students. Study Guide Available. Grade range: Grade 6-HighSchool. 

Artist Talk/Panel Discussions on identity, hip-hop culture and black identity in the media as well as Pre and Post performance discussions available upon request.

Artist's Calendar

Venue / Time
Point of Interest
Playhouse Square
Clevelend, OH
Point of Interest
The Yard
Chilmark, MA
Point of Interest
The Yard
Chilmark, MA
Point of Interest
Harold Prince Theatre, Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts @ University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
2PM + 8PM
Point of Interest
UAlbany Performing Arts Center @ University at Albany
Albany, NY


Raphael Xavier, Artistic Director and Choreographer
Originally from Wilmington, Delaware; Raphael Xavier is a self taught Hip-Hop dancer and Breaking practitioner since 1983, Raphael has forged an exceptional approach to improvisation. Brenda Dixon Gottschild deemed Xavier, ‘A fine rhythm technician who transforms a bravado dance style into an introspective meditation.’ A self-described Innovative Movement Conceptualist, Xavier creates new ways to expand the vocabulary of the dance form. He draws not only upon the culture but also his equally important visual background as a Hip Hop magazine photographer and musical artist. As the sound designer for his works, Xavier’s understanding of movement and musicality allows him to structure beats, noises and sounds into captivating music that draws upon emotion and coincides with his choreography.

His extensive research in the Breaking form has lead to the creation of Ground-Core, a Somatic dance technique that gives the practitioner a better understanding of the body within all dance forms. As an active alumnus of the world-renown Hip Hop Dance Company, Rennie Harris Puremovement, his solo and ensemble choreographic dance works have been performed world-wide. Xavier has been awarded numerous accolades including a 2013 Pew Fellowship, a MacDowell Fellow in 2014 and most recently a 2016 Guggenheim Fellowship for Choreography. He currently lives in Philadelphia and is a third year Guest Lecturer in Dance at Princeton University.

His dance works have been performed at REDCAT Los Angeles, Kennedy Center in Washington DC, ART (American Repertory Theatre in Boston), Dance Theatre Workshop in NYC, the Dance Center at Colombia College Chicago and Painted Bride in Philadelphia, PA among others.


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