The Moving Architects, under Artistic Director Erin Carlisle Norton, is a female-centric dance company that channels the authentic complexity of both the current and historically lived female experience into dance works edged with charged movement and feminine strength. The resulting dance works reveal intense female performances that make connections between bodies in motion, location and space, as well as historical and physical experience. TMA has performed and taught extensively since its formation in 2007 in academic and community settings throughout the NYC-area, East Coast, Midwest, and internationally in Central Asia, Guatemala, and Morocco.

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Demure as Dynamite
Demure as Dynamite looks to the women of the bible in portrait as depicted in the poetry by choreographer Erin Carlisle Norton’s late grandfather Thomas John Carlisle. Shamefulness and submissiveness, vitality and heroism – these traits are pulled from the prose and conveyed through the angularly powerful and suggestively fragile states and interactions between five dynamic female dancers.

(40 minutes)

The Groove
The Groove is a quartet that abruptly overturns and surges within a buzzing sound score. Volatile and groping with physical tension and angular movement, the foursome becomes a trusting yet aggressive community trying to connect. With the performers donning 70’s styled flared dresses, the dance suggests a cyclicality that is both transformative and acknowledged, as the four women shift, interrupt, and override in an out of habitual and unifying formations.

(10 minutes)

Americana adds to TMA’s rich history and Norton’s focus of embodying past and distant spaces in the heightened present of live performance. Americana looks to the iconic images and interpersonal struggles of the migrating American family during the Great Depression era. Through exactingly rhythmic movement, tornadoes of meaningful interaction, and heartfelt gentleness, this women-centric work exemplifies the expansiveness of the Midwest prairies, fragility of the weathered spirit, and grit needed to survive rough times.

(35 minutes)

The Jam
The Jam is a quartet with a mod flair, exacting attitude, and 60's surf and rock soundtrack.   Organized into 4 sections, the dance work suggests the extremes of a turbulent era side by side with a pop culture that promoted mirth and oblivion, articulated through a punctuated movement vocabulary that embraces and rejects these states with an underlying tone of seriously rocking out.

(12 minutes)

Outreach and Engagement

Movers & Shapers: A Dance Podcast
Hosted by Erin Carlisle, Movers & Shapers is a dance podcast that includes interviews with the choreographers, dancers, educators, administrators, collaborators, and other “shapers” of dance field. New episodes air every other Tuesday, and are available on iTunes, Stitcher, or any Podcast App.

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Movers & Shapers: A Dance Podcast offers a unique marketing experience like no other.  We began streaming in June 2015 and have continued to air new episodes semimonthly.  What’s wonderful about advertising/partnerships through our Podcast is that your episode becomes an archive that will continue to live on and be accessible to listeners at any time.  We still receive downloads from our very first podcast today meaning the potential to grow your audience has no end date.  Marketing through our podcast will allow you the opportunity to contact a very niche audience that other forms of advertising might not allow.

On-Air Advertising
30-second spots read on-air by host Erin Carlisle Norton

Interview Partnership
Erin Carlisle Norton expertly leads the Podcast guest through an autobiographical series of questions that promise intriguing dialogue while discussing first introductions to dance, personal life, struggles, successes, and dreams.

Seal the Deal
For further inquiries, a sponsorship menu or prices, and questions please feel free to contact us at:

Artist's Calendar

Venue / Time
“Dance in Bryant Park”
Bryant Park
6th Ave @ 41st St

New York, NY
6:00 pm
The Tank
New York, NY
Jersey City Theater Center
Jersey City, NJ
“Pentacle Presents: The Gallery: Boston”
The Dance Complex
536 Massachusetts Ave

Cambridge, MA 02139
8:00 PM
“Your Move: New Jersey’s Modern Dance Festival”
DeBaun Auditorium
Hoboken, NJ
“Pentacle’s Gallery Showcase: APAP 2017”
City Center, Studio 5
New York, NY
“Jersey City Theater Center presents The Moving Architects”
Merseles Studios Theater
Jersey City, NJ
“Pentacle Presents: The Gallery (Boston)”
Julie Ince Theater at The Dance Complex
Cambridge, MA
“The Tank Presents The Moving Architects”
The Tank
New York, NY


Erin Carlisle Norton founded The Moving Architects on New Year’s Day, 2007. Growing up in the nooks and crannies of a Victorian house and the Neo-Gothic church outside of Pittsburgh, PA where her father was pastor, she developed a heightened awareness of her experience of physical spaces long-steeped in the passage of time. Adding to this her vigilance in exploring and promoting the female voice, TMA is now a female-centric dance company known for channeling the authentic complexity of both the current and historically lived female experience into dance works edged with charged movement and feminine strength. Drawing from her training in Laban Movement Analysis, modern and postmodern academic dance studies, and improvisational study, Norton’s dance works reveal intense female performances that make connections between bodies in motion, location and space, as well as historical and physical experience.

Since its inception, and as the company has moved from Chicago to the NJ/NYC area, The Moving Architects has taken strides to engage with communities regionally, nationally, and internationally through teaching and performing projects.  In March 2011, the company completed a tour of Central Asia sponsored by The U.S. Department of State and U.S. Embassies. In 2012 the company had a short residency in Guatemala City, and Norton was invited to teach and perform throughout Morocco with Association D’Fleur with sponsorship by the U.S. Embassy. In terms of new choreographies, the 2011 work PLUCK was choreographed and set long-distance between Chicago, IL and Columbus, OH via Skype video-conferencing software, and the evening length work Demure as Dynamite, which premiered in full in April 2015 at Triskelion Arts, looked to women in the bible as delineated by the poetry of Norton’s late grandfather Thomas John Carlisle.  Fall 2015 also marked a new research and performance project with Shana Simmons Dance (Pittsburgh) and The Moving Architects with “Objective I” which explored editing in dance with both NYC and Pittsburgh audiences.

Since relocating to the NYC area in 2013, TMA has performed with Pentacle at Ailey Citigroup Theater, Green Street Studios (Boston), The Dance Complex (Boston), Dixon Place, and APAP at City Center, with other performance events in the NYC area including Triskelion Arts, Gibney Dance, Green Space, Chez Bushwick, South Orange Performing Arts Center, Nimbus Dance Works Choreographic Residency, New Dance Alliance Festival, Making Moves Dance Festival, and Montclair Art Museum. TMA has been featured at national venues including Links Hall (Chicago), Columbus Dance Theater (OH), Kelly-Strayhorn Theater (PA), and Wilson College (PA), among others.  Norton received the prestigious 2014 New Jersey State Council on the Arts Choreographic Fellowship and frequently teaches master classes in academic and community settings across the country. In June 2015, TMA launched “Movers & Shapers: A Dance Podcast,” a dance interview podcast led by Norton that features the choreographers, dancers, educators, media artists, administrators, collaborators, and other “shapers” of the dance field.

As The Moving Architects celebrates a decade of dancemaking and teaching, the company under Norton’s direction continues to grow and research new projects and partnerships, exploring fresh creative and conceptual tools with each new venture.