Behind the Scenes is a work-force development program educating youth about potential job opportunities in the arts.  Pentacle’s mission for Behind the Scenes is to cultivate a broader understanding of non-profit career possibilities. Through Behind the Scenes, youth have a unique chance to identify new areas of interest and learn the skills they need to stay connected to the arts throughout their lives.

Throughout 14 years of programming Behind the Scenes, we have seen how the curriculum expands horizons for countless young people and enhances the breadth of teachers’ knowledge about careers in the arts.


In each unit or workshop students will be introduced to the basics of non-profit arts administration, experience hands-on opportunities, and learn from the expertise of guest speakers.


Examples of possible topics for Behind the Scenes units or workshops:

Career Exploration
Administration & Management
Choreography & Performance


By participating in Behind the Scenes students gain:

Increased appreciation for the diversity of jobs in the performing arts.
Improved ability to identify and articulate their skills and interests.
Tools for relating interests and skills to potential careers.
Increased critical thinking, leadership, and teamwork.
Planning, problem solving, communication and management skills.


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Pentacle’s Educational Programming meets the benchmarks of the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts and the New York City Department of Educational Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.