ART (Administrative Resource Team) LOI applications are now closed. Thank you to all that applied.
We received over 80 applications which highlighted the vibrancy of New York’s dance community, and we are excited to begin the program, and our research.

“In an arts world of perennially limited resources, artists and their colleagues must concentrate with laser-sharp focus on what makes the work special, distinctive and compelling.”
-Ivan Sygoda, Pentacle’s Founding Director, and Project Advisor of ART



Pentacle’s Administrative Resource Team (ART) program will conduct a two-year benchmark study about how intensive bundled administrative services impact the success of artistic development and growth of highly qualified dance artists in New York City.

“If only I had this, I could be that!” is a common refrain echoing in today’s art economy.  What if artists had every administrative service they needed at their fingertips? Would they tour more? Earn more money? Reach wider audiences? Establish deeper community connections? Network with ease? Diversify their projects and collaborators? Get that coveted grant? Finally set their sights not only inward but outward?

ARTs goal is to support selected artists with a range of services as well as to obtain measurable, empirical evidence toward answering these questions.  ART will provide comprehensive, bundled, infrastructure building and artistic guidance including mentoring and administrative staffing to support fiscal services, development, booking and marketing. Building upon the success of past Pentacle programs Help Desk® (mentorship) and Back Office (infrastructure & management support), ART combines and expands these services in order to study and track the efficacy of bundled capacity building.

The potential long-term impact of this program is significant, as it will provide a basis for sustaining the next generation – the new voices – of dance artists.  New York City artists, supported by increased infrastructure support, can move to the next level of visibility and sustainability and be able to support their own artistic and organizational growth.



Since 1976, Pentacle has provided support for both emerging and established dance companies. A hallmark of Pentacle’s philosophy and success has been the ability to adapt its hands-on direct support services to meet the changing needs of dance artists. Pentacle has helped many artists move from emergent to renowned over the past forty years, some of whom have shaped the cultural landscape of New York, the nation, and the world including Urban Bush Women, Eiko and Koma, Mark Morris, Garth Fagan, Doug Varone, Ohad Naharin, Nrityagram Dance Ensemble, and more recently Michelle Dorrance, Reggie Wilson, Kyle Abraham, David Rousseve, LA Dance Project, John Heginbotham, Nora Chipaumire, Shen Wei, and many more.



This innovative program will serve New York City-based artists who need support to develop their unique artistic vision.  Sixteen artists will be selected for the program. These artists will be divided in two groups of eight, a capacity-building and a comparison group.  Both groups will be analyzed to track how their artistic and organizational capacities develop over two years while measuring the effectiveness of bundling services.


All sixteen artists will receive:

An assessment of their artistic, organizational and fiscal capacity by respected arts professionals who would not otherwise be accessible to them, and goal setting session(s) with written evaluations of their artistic vision and goals.


Eight artists selected for the capacity-building cohort will also receive:

  • One-on-one mentorship from a field professional for the duration of the program.
  • 24 months of bundled administrative support tailored for each artist from fiscal, development, training, booking and marketing professionals.  This support may include producing new or enhanced marketing and social media materials; fundraising and donor development coaching, and other items evolving from the artist assessment and mentor’s counsel.
  • Grant funds to use toward implementation of established goals.


Eight artists selected for the comparison cohort will receive:

  • a monetary award totaling at least $1000 in two payments, one at the beginning and one at the end of the 24 months for participation in the program.
  • National recognition for participation in this ground-breaking study.
  • Peer to peer networking through planned focus groups involving both cohorts.



We believe that by providing eight emerging artists with comprehensive, bundled, capacity-building services over two years they will:

  • Receive expert counsel and advice from their mentors that they would otherwise be unlikely to obtain.
  • Develop with their mentors an artistic vision plan and a capacity building plan to support their unique artistic vision.
  • Utilize the mentorship program and planned peer-to-peer networking opportunities to gain access to other industry experts for specific consultations.
  • Gain tangible resources such as the ones enumerated above which will enhance the sustainability of the organization.
  • Increase earned income by a minimum of 10%; Increase contributions by a minimum of 15%, and have increased visibility / name recognition among presenters, and opportunities not only for performances but also for audience engagement through residencies, lecture-demonstrations, master classes and teaching.

In addition, because of the limited resources available for dance artists, we believe that the capacity-building group of eight artists will surpass in measurable ways the comparison group of similarly qualified artists who are pursuing the same goals, but without access to these bundled resources.  With the comparative study between the capacity-building and comparison cohorts, the dance field will have solid data evaluating the effectiveness of bundled infrastructure support for emerging artists. Therefore, this pilot project will investigate and document the guiding question: If emerging artists receive comprehensive bundled services will they succeed at an increased rate, when compared with similarly qualified artists who do not have access to bundled services?  



We are seeking a group of diverse and exciting artists to submit Letters of Inquiry for this program that we believe will be vital to advancing new voices in the New York City Dance Community.

Eligibility Criteria:  Applicants must:

  • be an artist based in New York City leading an artistic entity with financial annual income less than $250,000;
  • be willing to participate in either the capacity-building or comparison group for the 24 months of the study;
  • provide documentation of three years of artistic and financial history;
  • show artistic merit demonstrated by a body of work through work samples;
  • have an articulated vision that conveys a desire and commitment to develop their careers and move to the next level of visibility and sustainability.



Selection for participation will be in two stages by two independent panels of noted industry professionals. The first panel will select up to 30 applicants who will be invited to submit a full application. The second panel will review the full applications and narrow the field to 16 artists, equally well qualified and similar-enough for reasonable comparison. Because this project is a capacity building research study, the 16 artists will be assigned to either the capacity-building group or the comparison group. Since the artists within the larger group of 16 will be similarly matched, the panel will decide by lottery how those groups will be composed, i.e. who will participate in which of the two artist groups.



Artists:  In addition to assessments, and services or financial incentives, artists will be acknowledged as a participant in this landmark research project and important service to the field. All participants will benefit from national recognition and exposure to the wider network of the dance community.  Participants, through focus group interviews and mid-course assessments, will gather feedback to evaluate how their careers are progressing.  They will also develop a network for peer communication.

Dance Community:  In addition to gaining access to this benchmark study on how intensive support to highly qualified New York City dance artists impacts the success of artistic development, the results of the study will inform the Dance Community and suggest strategies to support emerging artists.

Lead funding for ART (Administrative Resource Team) has been provided by The Scherman Foundation’s Katharine S. and Axel G. Rosin Fund. Additional support has been provided by the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, the Howard Gilman Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.



June 20, 2016: LOI due
Mid July 2016: 30 choreographers will be invited to submit a full application
August 2016: Full Application Due
September 2016: Notification of Awardees
Winter 2016: Program Launch

Contact Information: Clarissa Soto –