Groove With Me, Inc. is a youth development organization using free dance classes and performance opportunities as a tool to instill in young women the leadership, pride, spirit of cooperation, creativity, joy and discipline needed to confront the adversity in their daily lives and throughout their future development.

In spring 2016, Pentacle teamed up with Groove With Me to launch the Groove With Me Pilot Program. This three-month program impacted 44 girls ages 13-18 years old, all of whom identified as either African American or Hispanic. Pentacle provided the girls six educational sessions, where they had the opportunity to learn new skills and gain perspective from twelve professionals in the arts.

Pentacle’s Success at Groove With Me

  • 100% of the girls who participated in the program stated that they learned about a new career opportunity in the arts
  • 90% were inspired to explore new career options
  • Over 50% are now considering a career in the arts because of their experience in the program


What made our program a success?

Career Development & Exploration Sessions
In these sessions, students gained knowledge about learning opportunities and career paths in the arts. Each session included two to three speakers from different arts organizations, who shared their first-hand experience on how they landed their current role in the arts. Speakers ranged from artists to administrators to production designers to recently graduated interns. The diverse backgrounds of the speakers gave the students a variety of career options to begin to pursue and guided them as to what steps should be taken for a career in the arts.

TLC Focus Sessions
Through Pentacle’s collaboration with Groove With Me’s Teen Leadership Committee (TLC), Pentacle moderated three sessions that focused on a specific topic related to careers in the arts. Focus topics included choreography, advocacy, general administration, and professional networking. Each topic was presented by an expert in the field. Through these sessions, the members of TLC gained a hands-on experience of how these skills and concepts relate to the arts community as a whole.