Grant Writing Working Sessions offer one-on-one support for the grant writing process. This service is ideal for artists without a regular grant writer who are looking to strengthen an application for a specific grant. We will help you solidify your narrative, and make sure that all supplemental documents are telling a cohesive and compelling story.

Through Fiscal Working Sessions, Pentacle’s Fiscal Administrators offer one on one support for a variety of topics, including budget preparation, using QuickBooks software for accounting, Cultural Data Project, or a different topic of choice. These sessions will be catered to individual personal needs. Our staff will walk through the steps to accomplish each task while also offering the tools needed to complete it without our help. This service is ideal for companies with existing fiscal administration looking for further education, or to fill gaps in their current infrastructure. To see a list of topics included in your Fiscal Working Session, click here.

Fee Structure:
1 session for $75
5 sessions for $300
10 sessions for $500

To sign up for a Working Session:
Please contact Director of Programming, Clarissa Soto at

Working Sessions are scheduled on a first-come first-served basis and must be scheduled at least one week in advance.*