Internationally renowned Tango dancer and choreographer Natalia Hills, original member of the Broadway and London hit Forever Tango, leads an exquisite ensemble of Tango artists in the touring production of Romper el Piso. Showcasing the intricate footwork, partnering, sensuality, and drama that comprise this classic Latin dance style, the company transports audiences from Tango’s Afro-Argentine roots in the working-class districts of Buenos Aires to its modern ballroom interpretation. Onstage, master musicians on bandoneón, cello, guitar, piano, and percussion perform the rhythms and melodies of composers from Juan D’Arienzo to Astor Piazzolla.

Romper el Piso (Break the Floor)

Running Time: 95 minutes, intermission optional (Performed with live music)
Choreographer: Natalia Hills
Musical Director and Arrangements: Patricio Villarejo

Last seen in the United States at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and coming to White Bird this fall 2018, world-renowned Tango dancer and choreographer Natalia Hills, an original member of the Broadway and London hit Forever Tango, leads an exquisite ensemble of Tango dancers and musicians in Romper el Piso (Break the Floor). This production transports audiences through the history of Tango from its Afro-Argentine roots in the working-class districts of Buenos Aires to its modern ballroom interpretation. Onstage, master musicians on bandoneón, cello, piano, guitar, violin, flute, and percussion perform the rhythms and melodies of composers from Juan D’Arienzo to Astor Piazzolla.

3 Day Residency Workshop
This course will develop over 3 days, covering 2 stages of progressive study including Technique, Musical Interpretation, Style, Repertoire, and an Artist Talk. Using the language of dance and with the endorsement of the great “maestros” of the past, this workshop conveys the vibrant spirit of tango and its rich movement material of steps and figures held in an infinite embrace.  Principal dancers, Alejandro Aquino and Natalia Hills lead the workshop using the music of Argentine tango composer Astor Piazzolla. Topics covered include: the history of Tango dance, Tango music and its legacy, a retrospective view of the prestigious musicians throughout history as well as different notable dancers and maestros and their styles. Running time per day: 2 hours. Dance Level: Geared towards dancers and choreographers of various disciplines

Master Class with Natalia Hills & Alejandro Aquino
Students will work on the three fundamentals of Tango performance:
1) The Step:  Learn how to step on stage.  Students will work on the purpose of each step they take, and the dialogue between one step and another (that of oneself and that of the partner).  The goal is to transform the step into the personal footprint of each dancer.
2) The Interpretation:  Students learn how to interpret the music of the different orchestras, and to capture and reproduce the intention of each rhythm as it applies to their partner. The dancers become instruments of interpretation; and transmit ideas from the music into movement during the performance.
3) The Music: Students learn to hear the music and accompany its temperaments, silences, and rhythms with the dance. By incorporating the rhythms into movement, the body becomes a physical embodiment of each instrument that makes up a tango. Running time: 90 minutes. Dance Level: Advanced Tango Dancers

Social Tango Classes
Taught by Natalia Hills and Alejandro Aquino, students learn about the Embrace and Coordination which are key elements in Tango. Students are led through simple sequences to navigate the dance floor, together with musical interpretation (phrasing, accents, dynamics and pauses). Dance Level: Intermediate (2+ years Tango dance experience) Tango Dancers. Running time: 60 minutes.

Social Tango Classes II
A fun introduction to Tango, students are taught correct posture and balance.  Participants will also learn the Embrace, Coordination, how to lead with clear signals, and how to follow with fluid movements. Dance Level: Beginners. Running time: 60 minutes.

Schooltime Matinee: BAILA!
BAILA! is a program specially designed for young audiences. Artistic Director and master tango dancer Natalia Hills uses the basic movements of tango to recreate how the dance steps were passed down to her by her grandparents in her childhood home in south Buenos Aires. Dance excerpts will also be performed by the company’s talented ensemble of musicians and dancers, and students will have the opportunity to learn basic tango movements. The students will be taught to walk together, and to coordinate arms and legs to glide along. In 2012, Argentina’s Senate of the Nation recognized BAILA! As a program of Cultural Interest, praising its educational impact of teaching the origin and art of tango to young audiences. Running Time: 50 minutes/includes Q+A Session.
Grade Range: Grade 4 (ages 9-10 yrs old) – High School (ages 14-18)

Lecture Demonstration/Artist Talk: “Passing the Legacy” with Natalia Hills and Alejandro Aquino
At the end of 2012, after concluding different stages in their careers, Natalia Hills and Alejandro Aquino came together to create a truly unique Tango partnership, not only as dance partners, but also as cultural ambassadors for the preservation of true Argentine Tango and its rich history. In this Lecture Demonstration, Hills and Aquino draw from their personal experiences and expertise, having trained with some of Tango’s great masters who have since passed, to keep the spirit and history of this cultural treasure alive. Through video, photography, music and demonstrating the various steps and dance styles associated to these renowned maestros, Hills and Aquino take audiences on a historic journey through Tango’s revival in the late 1980s. In this intimate event they share their personal stories about performing and training with legendary tango musicians, choreographers and dancers in Argentina and around the globe. Running Time: 1hr 20 minutes

Post-show discussions are available upon request. No pre-show discussions/talks.

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  • The New York Times

  • 07.04.2018

    Romper el Piso


    Maroussi, Greece

  • 07.07.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Nea Makri Sports & Cultural Park

    Nea Makri, Greece

  • 07.09.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Municipal Theater of Alsace

    Ilioupoli, Greece

  • 07.10.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Petra Theater

    Petrograd, Greece

  • 07.11.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Beauceo Theater

    Piraeus, Greece

  • 07.12.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Papagou Municipal Gardens

    Papagou, Greece

  • 07.17.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Altinalmaz Park

    Alexandroupolis, Greece

  • 07.18.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Lazaristes Monastery Festival

    Thessaloniki, Greece

  • 07.19.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Green Primary Theater Kozanis

    Kozani, Greece

  • 07.20.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Outdoor theater EHM

    Ioannina, Greece

  • 07.21.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Open Theater of the Municipality of Lefkada

    Lefkada, Greece

  • 07.24.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Fortress of Kavala

    Kavala, Greece

  • 07.25.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Alcazar Gardens

    Larissa, Greece

  • 07.26.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Melina Merkouri Municipal Theater

    Volos, Greece

  • 07.28.2018 — 07.29.2018

    Romper el Piso

    N. Kazantzakis Gardens

    Heraklion, Greece

  • 07.30.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Fortezza Fortress

    Rethymno, Greece

  • 08.01.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Roman Conservatory

    Patras, Greece

  • 08.02.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Castle Theater

    Kalamata, Greece

  • 11.14.2018

    Romper el Piso

    White Bird

    Portland, OR

  • 11.17.2018

    Romper el Piso

    Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts (The Soraya)

    Northridge, CA

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