As the Company completes its 30th Anniversary Season, David Dorfman Dance continues its commitment to creating vibrant works with themes that speak to dance audiences and the general public at large. The Company lives and breathes its mission of Kinetic Diplomacy – the idea that if you are dancing, you are probably not hurting another human being. Hitting at the heart of the human condition, experiencing a David Dorfman Dance performance is to witness a belief in the resilience of community and the human spirit.

NEW WORK: A(Way) Out Of My Body (Premiere TBD)

Running time: TBD (Performed with live music)

Original Score: Samuel Crawford, Liz de Lise, Zeb Gould
Visual Media: Andrew Schneider

Where do our minds and spirits travel when the weight of everyday life becomes an unbearable load to carry? A(Way) Out of My Body, investigates the out-of-body experience as related to intergenerational trauma, and the mental burden and physical impact of surviving personal adversity. David Dorfman and his company of dancers and musicians weave together a memorable evening of dance, live music, and theater, where audiences can explore and realize their own joyous capacity to overcome physical and societal limitations.

Through a partnership with a national trauma center dedicated in assisting survivors of mental and physical trauma, DDD will develop a curriculum of multigenerational, movement-based workshops for those coping with trauma with the goal of putting art at the center of the healing process.

The company is currently seeking commissioning partners and developmental residency opportunities. Contact Pentacle for details!



Running time: 60 minutes, no intermission (Performed with live music)

Original Score: Samuel Crawford, Liz de Lise, Zeb Gould
Visual Media: Shawn Hove
Lighting Design: Tuce Yasak
Costume Design: Oana Botez

An evening-length work about truth and compassion in these difficult times, Aroundtown is about finding intimacy, joy and love when our daily lives are bombarded by hate, lies, cruelty and violence. It is about listening generously to what we don’t want to hear, so we can move forward with the enemy, the other, ourselves. Accompanied by a constellation of original electric folk songs performed live, Aroundtown’s dancers propel themselves onto the stage with earnest and gorgeous abandon, leaving nothing behind. The work was featured as part of the BAM Next Wave Festival in November 2017.

“You will leave Aroundtown changed — I’ll guarantee it…it’s about all of us.” –David Dorfman

David Dorfman Dance excels in community outreach activities. The company has vast experience working with presenters to tailor workshops for special audiences around the world. Specialized offerings include, but are not limited to, workshops for students with learning disabilities and/or anyone with limited movement capabilities.

Master Classes

Repertory Residency
David Dorfman Dance has an extensive repertoire spanning the company’s 30-year history. During a Repertory Residency David and members of his company set choreography from David Dorfman Dance staples including
Prophets of Funk, set to the music of Sly and the Family Stone; Come, and Back Again; Underground; Impending Joy; and more. Descriptions of available repertory can be found here: http://www.daviddorfmandance.org/past-works/

Classes for Dancers
Classes are available for dance students at a variety of levels, in most styles including Text and Movement, Improvisational Technique and company repertory.

Classes for Athletes
David Dorfman has used his own experience as a sports athlete and a dancer to create a class specifically designed for athletes. Practicing a selection of movement from Dorfman’s dance vocabulary, athletes will strengthen and stretch their bodies – aiding in reducing stress and risk of injury. In addition, the class will teach athletes how to be aware of their bodies while in motion – improving their quality of movement on the playing field.

Choreography Class
Students will study choreography as social and personal commentary. Working in class on both solo and group projects, students will be encouraged to find compositional means for exploring areas about which they are passionate.

Specialty Classes

Moving with Momentum (Intermediate to Advanced Modern/Post-Modern Technique)
Material will range in styles from release-based post-modern work connecting with the floor, to an eclectic standing modern class. Concepts such as a weighted and grounded approach to movement, harnessing the body’s momentum and force (“throwing your weight around”), varying approaches to physical contact, emphasis on intent and focus, and compositional choices through improvisation may be included. We will have fun!

Making Dances as Social and Personal Commentary (Choreography Workshop)
Students will study choreography as social and personal commentary.  Working in class on both solo and group projects, students will be encouraged to find compositional means for exploring areas about which they are passionate. Issues such as the creation of the delicate balance between meaningful form and meaningful content will be investigated as dances are made which will incorporate movement ranging from highly technical to pedestrian. While breaking down boundaries of disciplinary classification, a merging of movement, text, visuals, and music will be stressed. To facilitate growth within a group, a system of humane, honest, and critical dialog will be developed and practiced. Movements from DAVID DORFMAN DANCE’S repertory works may be taught as an aid in broadening individual performance range.

What to Do When You’re Stuck
This class will explore strategies and tactics to get “un-stuck” in a choreographic process. We’ve all been there – how do we get out?

Movements to Live By (Workshop for Non-dancers)
David Dorfman will create a safe environment in which to learn and create new movements. The emphasis will be on creating a community through movement, the social aspects of dancing, and achieving personal expression through movement. Movements from everyday life will be as welcome as dance steps from a myriad of cultures and sources. Through the collaborative creative process, individuals will gain the experience of team-building, esteem-building, and stress reduction – all from the practice of building dances together. An introduction to the principles of weight-sharing and contact improvisation will enhance the sense of trust and experimentation.

Schooltime Matinee: Aroundtown
In this performance for student audiences, David Dorfman Dance performs an abbreviated version of Aroundtown, allowing the full company to engage in a meaningful Q&A session with students on the themes related to the work.
Length: 50 minutes (includes Q&A session)
Grade range: Grade 6-High School

Artist Talk/Lecture Demonstration
Lecture Demonstrations are available for groups such as Rotary, Kiwanis, senior homes and local athletic teams. These events can be held anywhere from a local gymnasium to an open area in a senior home. The Lecture Demonstration focuses on the interrelationship between dance and athletic or pedestrian/everyday movement. Excerpts from repertory are performed – assuming the site allows – to demonstrate these points.

Open rehearsals, pre-performance talks, and post-performance talks also available.

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    Mixed Repertory

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    Lake Placid Center for the Arts

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