In-School Programs


Pentacle’s Teaching Artists come from Pentacle’s services and programs, and are carefully selected to match their professional and educational expertise with the needs of our partner schools.

Current Teaching Artists include:

  • Emily Schoen (Schoen Movement Company)
  • Joya Powell (Movement of the People Dance Company)
  • Candace Tabbs (Movement of the People Dance Company)
  • Davalois Fearon (Davalois Fearon Dance)
  • J. Bouey (INSpirit Dance and J. Bouey Dance Projects)


The In-School Programs feature a flexible program design that can have a wide or narrow focus depending on the school’s needs. Pentacle teaching artists work closely with certified dance teachers at each school through weekly meetings to discuss the focus and direction of the residencies.

Class topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Choreography
  • Producing
  • Stage Management
  • Theatrical Production Design
  • Alternative Careers in the Arts
  • Community & Culture
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing & Branding

For more information, please contact:

Rebecca Fitton

Rebecca Fitton

Education & Outreach Associate

212.278.8111 ext. 3430

Joseph Giardina

Joseph Giardina

Education & Outreach Consultant