A Little Bit of Mentorship Goes A Long Way!

We’re thrilled that The Gallery will continue to expand this year! Our long-standing infrastructure support program offers many opportunities for both emerging and established artists to improve their business practices so they can grow creatively. The  Gallery’s ‘choose your own adventure’ format allows each artist to tailor the service to their individual needs. Interested artists and companies can inquire here.

What Does The Gallery Offer?

For Finding Your Way:

  • Mentorship from leaders in the field (by the hour, or in a discounted 10-hour block)
  • Working Sessions with Pentacle Staff in Booking, Fiscal Services, and more!
  • Information Circulation (on grant opportunities, residencies, rehearsal space availability, etc via email & phone from Program Administrator, Doug Post)

For The Daily Grind:

  • Administrative Help from Pentacle Staff (by the hour, or in a discounted 10-hour block)
  • Exclusive discounted access to an Intern, hired & trained through our celebrated program: Cultivating Leadership In Dance

For Building Your Presence:

  • Postcard Design & Printing
  • E-Newsletter Design
  • Discounted participation in our annual mailing to Presenters for APAP Showcases
  • Presence in Pentacle’s Presenter Portal

For Putting Yourself Out There:

  • APAP Showcase (City Center), New York
  • Fall Further Showcase, New York
  • Spring Showcase, Outside of New York
  • & more to be determined!

So How Does It  Work?

Artists pay a flat rate of $1,000 that gives them access to a full menu of administrative support, all priced accordingly. Each artist, with help from The Gallery Staff, then chooses which services will be the best fit for them!

Drawing down from the same flat fee, one artist might choose:

  • 10 hours with a Fiscal Mentor ($500)
  • A Session with an Intern ($450) &
  • A year of valuable Information Circulation($50).

 Another artist might choose:

  • a slot in our popular Fall Further Showcase ($400)
  • Postcard Design ($450) &
  • Information Circulation ($50).

Artists may also choose to select services in excess of the initial $1,000 flat rate, and will be billed separately.