Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month: Erin Kenna

May is Asian and Pacific Islander (AAPI) American Heritage Month! Join us this month in celebrating the staff and artists who make up Pentacle’s diverse community.

Get to know our newest Artist Services staff member, Erin Kenna! She has already been a wonderful addition to our staff and is instrumental in our support of the community during COVID-19.

Artist Services' Erin Kenna is a half-Japanese woman with brown hair and blonde highlights. She has a gold nose ring and is smiling in front of a burnt orange background.
What does Asian and Pacific Islander (AAPI) American Heritage Month mean to you?
“To me, AAPI month is a time to reflect upon the various layers of identity, time, and place that make up our diverse community. This year in particular, amid the coronavirus pandemic, it seems like an important time to engage in conversations about Asian American histories within the United States.”
What does it mean to you to work at a diverse inclusive organization like Pentacle?
“It means everything to work at a place where the organizational beliefs and my personal beliefs align. Even though I’m new to Pentacle, I am so happy to be welcomed into a work environment that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and kindness within our staff and the broader community.”
Who within the AAPI community do you dream of collaborating with? Why?
“It would be so fun to collaborate (or even just hang out) with Lauren Tsai! Her career path is absolutely wild and she seems to have such an interdisciplinary artistic practice. I could see myself working on a quirky ad campaign or art video with her in Tokyo!”