ART: Open Call for Mentors

Pentacle’s Administrative Resource Team (ART) program will be offering comprehensive bundled administrative services to support the artistic development and growth of highly qualified dance artists in New York City. Simultaneously, ART will be conducting a two-year study over the two-year period on the impact of these services. ART’s goal is to support selected artists with a range of services as well as obtain measurable, empirical evidence toward determining the extent – what, how, and when – administrative support matters. ART hopes to meet this goal by providing comprehensive, bundled, infrastructure building and artistic guidance including mentoring and administrative staffing to support fiscal services, development, booking and marketing.

Pentacle is now looking for experienced arts administrators to act as mentors to the artists in the ART program. Mentors will be working directly with the artist who will be provided with administrative support by Pentacle. Mentors will be compensated for their time.
*Please note: To be eligible as an ART mentor, you cannot be currently paid as an employee or independent contractor for the artist that you are working with directly.

The mentor’s responsibilities will be to work with an artist over two years to:
1. Create an artistic vision plan.
2. Set goals for capacity building to support the vision plan.
3. Create a work plan.
4. Meet regularly for follow-up.
5. Adjust the work plan as needed to accommodate any changes in the environment.

Desired Skills & Experience:
– Minimum of 5 years experience in arts administration
– Knowledge of the marketplace
– Excellent leadership skills
– Good communication skills
– Passion for helping emerging artists

If interested, please send your resume to by October 24th, 2016.