Black History Month Artist Spotlight: Kyle Marshall Choreography

Black History Month Artist Spotlight: Kyle Marshall Choreography

Pentacle continues our celebration of #BlackHistoryMonth with Kyle Marshall Choreography, who utilizes Pentacle’s most comprehensive fiscal sponsorship, Foundation for Independent Artists.

Foundation for Independent Artist, Kyle Marshall shares his thoughts on Black History Month. The image is from "Colored" which was performed at BAM in 2019.
Photo Credit: David Gonsier

How do you celebrate your heritage through your work as a dancer/choreographer?

“I find the themes and ideas that stay with me are ones that reflect on my experience and history as a Black American. The more I dive into American History in my art practice, the clearer the truth becomes, Black people have been the innovators of many American cultural traditions. From Hip-Hop, Jazz, Club music, Rock and Roll, Tap, and popular dances. The artistic achievements of black people are not to be ignored. Black history in America is also one of pain, erasure, and appropriation. The bitter truth of 400 years of slavery, segregation and institutionalize racism should be recognized and learned as a part of American History. It is through these struggles, the achievements feel even more powerful. I honor my black heritage by learnings about those who have influenced and helped pave the way for me. Making work surrounding blackness has become a source of truth-seeking, inspiration, and endless self-discovery. I am proud to be an artist rooted in such a rich and vast tradition. To make art is a privilege I do not take for granted.”