Close Up: ZviDance


In April, ZviDance was in residence at MASS MoCA, developing ON THE ROAD. The piece will premiere at American Dance Institute (Rockville, MD) on September 9 & 10, 2016 at 8 pm.  Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s novel by the same title, ON THE ROAD is an evening-length, multimedia dance piece that contemplates the general upheaval of the 1960’s and the Beat generation’s startling notions of social rebellion. Virtuosic in form and versatile in style, ON THE ROAD entwines the thrills of freedom, the sounds of jazz, and the perplexity of youthful American voices discovering themselves and their social identities.

Led by Artistic Director Zvi Gotheiner, ZviDance brings its audiences a passionate vision of community in a modern age. The company is shared by a synergistic model of creation, involving the ensemble and designers from the initial research phase, pushing the methodology and ethics of a creation process within an interdisciplinary format.

The MASS MoCA residency came at the heels of the company embarking on a road trip across the United States. Along the way, they collected footage, interviewing the diverse and beautiful people that they encountered across America’s landscapes. Keeping with the company’s interdisciplinary spirit, the ADI premiere will feature this documentary footage throughout the live performance.

You can learn more about ZviDance here.

Photos © Kyle Netzband.

The Company (above) in Iowa, (and below from top to bottom) Nebraska, Colorado, and Utah.