New Pentacle Service: Financial Urgent Care

In response to a prevalent need in the community for immediate and comprehensive financial assistance, Pentacle has launched its newest fiscal service: Financial Urgent Care.

Pentacle is available for organizations that feel their finances or financial practices need an expert’s eye and someone with advanced Quickbooks accounting software skills.

This new service is ideal for organizations that have undergone staff changes and/or lack sound financial policies and procedures. To determine what areas require attention, companies will be provided with an initial assessment to create a customized plan outlining what areas of assistance might be necessary to build a strong financial structure.

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Possible Areas of Assistance

Bookkeeping Assistance

●    Standardizing and simplifying the Chart of Accounts and Class List.
●    Reconciling and writing off unpaid bills (Accounts Payable), expected income (Accounts Receivable) or unpaid taxes (Payroll Liabilities).
●    Customer and Vendor list and records standardization and consolidation.
●    Correcting coding errors made throughout the year.

Overall Financial Assistance

●    Budgeting
●    Cash flow templates and procedures
●    Preparation & Presentation of financials for Boards