Pentacle Announcement: New Staff Updates!

Pentacle is thrilled to announce three new staff members: Dorothy Chen, Brittany Couch, and Erin Kenna. In addition, veteran staff members Sandy Garcia and Quincie Hydock have some exciting updates! We are investing in our staff in order to continue refining our services and develop new artist programming for 2021. Read more about these staff members and their contributions below.


Staff Updates

Sandy Garcia has been named AMPP Council Chair (Agents, Managers, Producers and Promoters) on Dance/USA’s Board of Trustees!


Congratulations to long-time staff member Quincie Hydock on her new title: Director of Administrative Support Program!


New Staff

Dorothy Chen  |  Artist Services

Dorothy Chen received her B.A. from UCLA in World Arts and Cultures & Dance. Prior to joining Pentacle, she was a non-profit administrator for Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre and the Business Operations Manager for Girls on the Run NYC. As a dancer, Dorothy has performed with Los Angeles-based choreographers Vic Marks, Cheng-Chieh Yu, Alexx Shilling, and Sara Silkin; and New York-based choreographers Sophie Sotsky and Sunhwa Chung. She currently volunteers as a trustee of the New York Vipassana Association, an organization that promotes and teaches courses in Vipassana meditation technique. Dorothy feels fortunate to be a part of Pentacle, and is committed to helping artists succeed through strong administrative and infrastructure support.

Q: Favorite NYC experience?
This is neither hidden nor strange for dancers… but it’s my go-to answer. I have quite open hips! My legs can go beyond 180 degrees & my signature move since I was a teenager has been a tilt.

Q: Favorite activity?
Hiking 🙂 Some of my most m

emorable hikes include Half Dome in Yosemite, Angels Landing & The Narrows in Zion, and this past summer I hiked Mount Marcy, the tallest mountain in NY State. I’ve also hiked in New Zealand and hope to go back and do multi-day treks there.

Q: Most used emoji? 😘

Q: Favorite sandwich and why? I think a Grilled Cheese sandwich is my favorite. With my parents being from Taiwan, sandwiches were not commonly eaten. Though I do recall I could easily make myself a grilled cheese snack with toasted bread and a Kraft Single 🙂 I have evolved and do enjoy a fancy grilled cheese with truffle oil.


Brittany Couch  |  education & outreach/marketing associate

Brittany Couch holds a BA in Entertainment & Media Studies and a certificate in Music Business from The University of Georgia. Prior to working at Pentacle she was the studio manager for Dancefx and then ALDEN MOVES Dance Theater, where she honed her graphic design and arts administration skills. Brittany has multiple years of experience as a post-production assistant for documentary films and as a stage manager for national touring dance competitions and events. In addition to her work at Pentacle, she is NEVILLE Dance Theatre’s Booking Coordinator, a dance instructor, and a media coordinator for Open Call Dance Competition. She brings a fervent enthusiasm to Pentacle for cultivating young leaders and connecting arts organizations with the tools they need to empower their artistry.

Q: Favorite board game? Settlers of Catan. 

Q: Coffee, Cola, or Tea? All of the above, please. But especially sweet tea (I’m a southern gal).

Q: Album on Repeat? Oh, that’s tough. At the moment, it’s got to be Chilombo by Jhené Aiko! That really carried me through the first half of quarantine.

Q: Hidden or strange talent? Gaining the trust of notoriously antisocial cats.


Erin Kenna  |  Artist services

Erin Kenna is a native New Yorker and proud graduate of LaGuardia Arts High School. She earned her BA in Honors History from McGill University while performing regularly as a dancer with Inertia Modern Dance Collective. Currently, she is pursuing a MA in Arts Administration at Baruch College. Prior to joining Pentacle in 2020, she interned at Aaron Grant Theatrical where she assisted with payroll needs, and made entries in Quickbooks among other fiscal tasks. In addition to working at Pentacle, she assists Alison Cook Beatty Dance as Social Media Director. Now as an artist services administrator at Pentacle, she has been trained in the Fiscal Services department on not-for-profit accounting systems, and is excited to build a career in the performing arts supporting artist-centered work.

Q: If you were famous, what would you be famous for? Writer!

Q: Hidden or strange talent? Expert chocolate chip cookie baker.

Q: Most used emoji? 😂

Q: What’s your favorite sandwich? Oh, Chicken Katsu Sandwich! I’m half Japanese, and chicken katsu always has those yummy flavors that remind me of family and culture.


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