Pentacle Announces Fall Further III

Fall Further III

Performances by David Dorfman Dance, danceTactics, LCTC – Lorraine Chapman the Company, LEIMAY: Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya, and The Moving Architects. 

Monday October 13 at 7:30 PM
Ailey Citicorp Theater, 405 West 55 Street (at 9th Avenue)
Tickets: $15 at the door; $12 on-line purchases; $10 for students & seniors
Reservations: 212.278.8111, ext. 3429 or here.

Pentacle presents Fall Further III, its annual Fall showcase event for artists from its rosters. This year Pentacle features four Gallery artists; danceTactics performance group, LCTC – Lorraine Chapman the Company, LEIMAY: Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya, and The Moving Architects, along with Roster artist David Dorfman Dance.

David Dorfman Dance will perform sections from their reprisal of the popular 2004 “Lightbulb Theory”, set to a haunting piano score by Michael Wall. The choreographer asks us to ponder the metaphorical question of “Do you think it’s better if a lightbulb flickers before it goes out, or just goes out?”. A moving elegy to a dying father, the work addresses issues of death, loss, and life.

David Dorfman Dance has performed extensively in NYC as well as throughout North and South America, Great Britain, and Europe, and has been honored with eight Bessie Awards. The company recently concluded a residency at Bates Summer Festival, a performance at BAM Fisher Theater, and is fresh off of their successful DanceMotion USA educational exchange and performance tour of Turkey, Armenia, and Tajikistan.

danceTactics presents an excerpt from “A Piece of Hamlets Machine”. In artistic director Keith A. Thompson’s work, Shakespeare, pop war culture, and the absurd find themselves at an intersection with no traffic rules.

danceTactics performance group thrives on seeking out challenges of discovery and, under the direction of Thompson, collaboration on researching the fusion of theater and contemporary dance.

LCTC – Lorraine Chapman the Company‘s latest, as yet untitled, dance/theater work examines and explores not the narrative but the stage directions of the great Kabuki play “Benten kozo”, in particular the Hamamatsu-ya and Mustering scenes. The dance is meant to evoke story-telling without literally telling a story.

LCTC was formed by Lorraine Chapman, a choreographer who has always found a study of life and people as a powerful source of inspiration in her work. Chapman blends her dynamic movement vocabulary with a compelling theatricality for her Boston-based ensemble.

LEIMAY: Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya will show excerpts from two works: “Becoming – Corpus,” a kinetic experience of altered time and space, tracing the transformations among beings, the individual, and society; and
“Frantic Beauty Study 32,” which unfurls the pursuit of beauty, revealing its inherent ambivalence.

NY-based LEIMAY, directed by Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya, develops, creates, and tours individually and collaborates on works ranging from sculptural, video, and light installations to photography, training projects and contemporary performances.

The Moving Architects‘ “Demure as Dynamite” (Part I) represents the range of emotions in these danced portraits of women of the Bible.

The Moving Architects, originally from Chicago, is directed by Erin Carlisle Norton, who, with her highly visual approach, seeks to channel her research of places, structures, their histories, and associated cultural transformations into choreography. Shamefulness and submissiveness, vitality and heroism, these traits are conveyed through the angularly powerful and suggestively fragile states and interactions between five dynamic female dancers.