Pentacle Announces Leadership Transition

Access a PDF version of the press release announcing this transition.


On March 31st, 2024, Pentacle’s Executive Director, Clarissa Soto Josephs, will step aside from her role, turning Pentacle’s leadership over to Felicia Rosenfeld as Interim Executive Director, who returns to Pentacle after eight years.

Clarissa served as Pentacle’s Executive Director since July 2021 (and was on staff nearly 13 years), shepherding the organization through its first generational leadership transition, navigating the disruptions of COVID, and setting up an array of new programs and initiatives focusing on building equitable business practices and infrastructures for artists. Felicia began her career at Pentacle, filling many roles over the course of 32 years, including overlapping with Clarissa while she was Director of Programming. Felicia served as Executive Director of Dance Resource Center, the service organization for Greater Los Angeles dance for three years before setting up a mentoring practice. She is the creator of DEFT, a fellowship nurturing thoughtful talented arts executives committed to staying in the sector.

Upon her appointment by Pentacle’s Board February 1st, Felicia began working with Clarissa on the transition. Over the next two months, she will co-lead the organization with Clarissa and work together with the Board and Staff to bring about a smooth transition before assuming full leadership responsibility on April 1st.

Pentacle’s Board Chair Marilyn Francescon stated:
It has been the Board of Directors’ honor and pleasure to work with Clarissa as Pentacle’s first Executive Director who was not a founder. Clarissa undertook Pentacle’s future during the challenging circumstances posed by COVID. The Board and the Staff wish her the best of luck and lots of success in her next chosen endeavors. We are grateful for her many contributions to Pentacle.

Simultaneously, the Board is so happy and privileged to welcome Felicia as Pentacle’s Interim Executive Director. Felicia has been associated with Pentacle in many capacities for over 30 years. We feel excited and confident that Felicia will bring her priceless qualities of vision, passion, experience, and expertise to this leadership role and that she is exactly the right person right now to steward Pentacle towards a successful future.

Outgoing Executive Director Clarissa Soto Josephs says:
I am so grateful to all of the amazing people I have worked with at Pentacle over these past 12+ wonderful years: the staff, artists, board members, partners, funders, students, and colleagues that have nurtured and shaped me into the leader I am today. Felicia and I go back years, to my first days at Pentacle in 2011 when I was a new program associate and Felicia served as Director of Programming. I was very happy to learn that Pentacle’s Board had reached out to Felicia and she has agreed to step in as Interim Executive Director.”

Incoming Interim Executive Director Felicia Rosenfeld says:
I am honored and happy to return to Pentacle and work with stakeholders to ensure Pentacle’s continued invaluable infrastructure support for its partner artists and organizations. As Pentacle approaches its 50th anniversary, Clarissa has set the organization on a path into the future upon which we will build the organization’s next exciting phase.”

Pentacle will continue to keep its partners and constituents informed of upcoming changes and exciting steps ahead. Visit our website at and sign up for our mailing list and social media feeds for future news about the transition.