Pentacle Hosted a Successful, and Final, Salon Conversation in LA

On May 20th, Pentacle hosted its last Salon Conversation at the Electric Lodge in Venice, California. The evening’s discussion focused on creating a mutually productive working relationship between artists and administrators, and took a close look at the particular challenges faced by small dance companies that typically have only an Artistic Director at the helm artistically and administratively. It was an intimate gathering, featuring guests Banafsheh Sayyad and Heidi Brewer of Banafsheh Sayyad Contemporary Sacred Dance, Eva Angeloff and Kate Hutter of LA Contemporary Dance Project, and Corbett Barklie, an independent arts consultant. Banafsheh and Heidi have worked together for about a year. Eva and Kate have worked together for 10 years. Their insights and perspectives were extremely valuable, as was Corbett’s, who has worked extensively with artists to help stabilize and advance their infrastructure.