Pentacle Legacy: Co-Directors of 1979

Mara Greenberg & Ivan Sygoda

We are diving into our archival materials and excited to share finds from Pentacle’s Legacy project on #WayBackWednesdays.

On this Wednesday we are sharing Mara Greenberg & Ivan Sygoda who became the Co-Directors of Pentacle in 1979.

Mara Greenberg joined Pentacle in the Fall of 1977 as the Director of Finance after receiving her MBA in Finance from NYU. She came to know Pentacle through working at Directional Concepts with Richard Brown, which was where she met David White in the early 70s.

Ivan Sygoda, prior to joining Pentacle as its Tour Manager in 1976, taught French and literature at colleges in the Northeast. After 37 years of conceiving and producing Pentacle programs, Ivan became a Founding Director in 2013.

Learn more about Ivan Sygoda in his interview with Mindy Aloff – “Navigating the Thicket, Then and Today” (July 15, 2013) – for Dance/USA.

Source Material: Pentacle Newsletter (Spring 1980)