Pentacle Legacy: Gus Solomons Jr.

[45+ Years] Gus Solomons Jr. & Pentacle

We are diving into our archival materials and excited to share finds from Pentacle’s Legacy project on #WayBackWednesdays.

Pentacle has had the honor of providing Fiscal Services to Gus Solomons Jr. since our founding, and we are grateful to continue to provide our services to him to date.

“In 1972, Solomons founded the Gus Solomons Company/Dance, whose repertoire consisted of detailed and analytical compositions that were conceived as “melted architecture”, drawing from his experience as an architecture student at MIT.”

“In 1996, he created a new trio company for legendary modern dancers Carmen Delavallade, Alvin Ailey star Dudley Williams, and himself. Called PARADIGM…”

“Forty years later, Solomons continues to make a living from dancing, choreographing, experimenting, and critiquing dance.”

Source Material: Pentacle Newsletters (April 1981, Spring 1985, Spring 1989, Winter 1990-91), Gus Solomons Jr. – Wikipedia page, PARADIGM.

Photo Credits: Joel Gordon, Unknown, Johan Elbers, Don Fukuda.