Pentacle Legacy: Pentacle Artists of 1994-1995

[1994-1995] Pentacle’s Dance / Performance / Music Artists

We are diving into our archival materials and excited to share finds from Pentacle’s Legacy project on #WayBackWednesdays.

On this Wednesday we are sharing some of the Pentacle Artists from 1994-1995​:

  • Ralph Lemon Company
  • Poppo & the GoGo Boys
  • Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater
  • Marlies Yearby’s Movin’ Spirits Dance Theater
  • Demetrius Klein Dance Company
  • The Nuyorican Poets Cafe Live!
  • Amy Pivar Dances
  • Zaccho Dance Theater
  • The Soldier String Quartet
  • Paula Josa-Jones/Performance Works
  • Lisa Sokolov
  • Jane Comfort and Company
  • Art Bridgman/Myrna Packer
  • DanceBrazil
  • Azlitut: The Fourth World
  • Kim Robards Dance
  • Bill Young and Dancers
  • The Klezmatics

Source Material: Pentacle Dance, Performance, Music Brochure (1994-1995).
Design: Sondra Graff & Venantius Pinto/Pentacle aka StrangeBalance.