Pentacle Legacy: Unique Projects, Inc.

[1988-1989] Unique Projects, Inc.

We are diving into our archival materials and excited to share finds from Pentacle’s Legacy project on #WayBackWednesdays.

On this Wednesday we are sharing Pentacle’s Unique Projects, Inc. which came into existence in 1988 as a fiscal sponsorship program for artists and organizations with project-specific fundraising needs.

Unique projects (Up) currently serves over 80 artists and organizations, including, Steps on Broadway, Pascal Rioult, Final Bow for Yellowface, Miguel Gutierrez, and Robyn Mineko Williams, who each work with a dedicated Pentacle administrator.

Up artists and organizations are able to receive tax-deductible donations, apply for foundation grants, as well as obtain other nonprofit benefits, such as discounted rehearsal space.

Source Material: Pentacle Brochure (1988-1989).