Pentacle Legacy: Video 1 Project

[1989] Video 1 Project & the Video-Resource Center

We are diving into our archival materials and excited to share finds from Pentacle’s Legacy project on #WayBackWednesdays.

On this Wednesday we are sharing the 1989 Video 1 Project, which was an outgrowth of Pentacle’s Video-Resource Center.

“The Video Project focuses on the hybrid form of dance and video. Designed for both dance and video artists, the Project consists of a series of seminars, hands-on workshops and special events intended to increase the participants’ experience and sophistication in this important area of work.”

Pentacle’s Video-Resource Center, which was housed in the Pentacle Space at 104 Franklin Street, offered services such as video documentation, tape duplication, and screenings.

Source Material: Video 1 Project Brochure (1989), Harkness Foundation Proposal (1990).