Pentacle Presents: Fall Further VII

November 4, 2018
Dixon Place
(161A Chrystie St, NYC)

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Pentacle’s seventh year of Fall Further brings you the distinct work of choreographers exemplifying the artistic voices using dance as a vehicle to comment on, represent, question, and deny the realities of our current times. From classical to modern to theatrical, these select artists in Pentacle’s Administrative Support Program bring you a diverse evening of dance with a provocative flair.

Featuring works from ALDEN MOVES Dance Theater, CoreDance Contemporary, Erick Montes/Danceable Projects, Rachel Thorne Germond Performance Collage, Rock Dance Collective, and Thomas/Ortiz Dance.

About ALDEN MOVES Dance Theater
Presenting a work by choreographers Alden LaPaglia and Gregory Kollarus
The modern day story ballet lives where contemporary modern dance meets the color of theater. Choreographers Alden LaPaglia and Gregory Kollarus use the music of Talking Heads to tell the story of young artists navigating life and relationships.
Facebook: ALDEN MOVES Dance Theater

About CoreDance Contemporary
Presenting six plane faces by Rebecca McCormac
Six sides, all square and of equal proportion, with no two faces the same. The intramural is disentangled to reveal a periphery of six emotions. The plane faces now colored, are engaged in a game of knots where relationships and strategy are used to unravel and put back together the pieces of the puzzle.
Facebook: CoreDance Contemporary
Instagram: @coredancecontemporary

About Erick Montes/Danceable Projects
Presenting OTHERWISE by Erick Montes
OTHERWISE is a journey of movement and abstraction that in a meditative state leans towards moments of chaos and recovery; the ensemble gravitates around the thought that unity is not uniformity. Why are bodies more genuine in moments of exhaustion? How can we collapse and inform back from moments of crisis and uncertainty?
Instagram: @shortfellow
Facebook: Erick Montes/Danceable Projects

About Rachel Thorne Germond Performance Collage
Presenting Performance Collage #2: TRIPOD by Rachel Thorne Germond
Rachel Thorne Germond’s work incorporates the conceptual aspects and aesthetic of collage, with an interdisciplinary method that includes elements of choreography, visual design, music/sound, theater, film, photography, and video projection.
Instagram: @rtgpc
Facebook: RTGPC – Rachel Thorne Germond Performance Collage

About Rock Dance Collective
Presenting On Borders by Cleo Mack
A meditation on space and the imaginary and movable dividing lines that separate and categorize us, On Borders explores the humanity of living within confined parameters.
Instagram: @rockdancecollective
Facebook: Rock Dance Collective

About Thomas/Ortiz Dance
Presenting From Birmingham to Baltimore by Ted Thomas
This is a work that explores the concept of post democracy as it relates to social economical, cultural, sexual and racial equality as it was in the 60’s and how it compares to the current events of today. The 60’s had a dance and musical platform that echoed the sentiments of a young America, desperate for change on many of the key social debates that was then fought for and made law by the Supreme Court, which has shaped America today.
Instagram: @thomasortizdans

About Pentacle’s Administrative Support Program
Pentacle’s Administrative Support Program (ASP) provides direct services to artists looking to build more sustainable organizational operations and marketplace identities.
Program components such as mentorships, administrative personnel, internships, and performance opportunities provide an affordable and efficient way for artists to build capacity and enlarge the scope of their business and artistic activities.