The Business of Art: Introducing Working Sessions

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Pentacle is excited to announce the launch of its new program called Working Sessions. The program will launch the first Working Session with Pentacle’s Fiscal Administrators. In addition to Fiscal Administration & Fiscal Sponsorship, artists will now be able to receive unique & personalized fiscal support.
Working Sessions is exactly that, a working session (or series of working sessions) for artists to meet one on one with Pentacle staff to work through a specific question or topic that they select.

Through Fiscal Working Sessions, Pentacle’s Fiscal Administrators offer one on one support for a variety of topics, including budget preparation, using QuickBooks software for accounting, Cultural Data Project, or a different topic of choice. These sessions will be catered to individual personal needs. Our staff will walk through the steps to accomplish each task while also offering the tools needed to complete it without our help. This service is ideal for companies with existing fiscal administration looking for further education, or to fill gaps in their current infrastructure.

Topics include:
Using QuickBooks Software for Bookkeeping
Payroll Implementation & Processing
Issuing your 1099s & W2s
Creating a Chart of Accounts
Developing a Class System for Project Accounting
How to Read & Understand your Financial Reports
Preparing Budgets
How to Handle an Audit
Cultural Data Project (soon to be Data Arts) Preparation
Fiscal Sponsorship…How Does it Work?
Topic of your choice!

Working Sessions are available:
Mondays 3pm-7pm
Tuesdays 10am-2pm
Wednesdays 10am-2pm
Thursdays 3pm-7pm

Fee Structure:
1 session for $75
5 sessions for $300
10 sessions for $500

More information about Working Sessions can be found here.

To sign up for a fiscal working session:
Please contact Director of Fiscal Services, Clarissa Soto at
Sessions are scheduled on a first-come first-served basis*