The New and Improved Gallery Service


For small and emerging choreographers and dance companies, Pentacle’s Gallery services have always stood out as an affordable and effective way to step into the performing arts marketplace. Now with a new and expanded menu of management support services from organizational and artistic assessments to strategic showcasing opportunities, The Gallery will help you get where you want to go.

The Gallery provides companies with:

  • Identification by the performing arts community with you as a Pentacle artist/company.
  • Visibility on the Pentacle website through a Gallery page.
  • A Gallery banner at the booking conferences
  • YouTube videos collected/referenced/included on a Pentacle Gallery channel
  • An initial meeting with Pentacle staff to assess your artistic and organizational landscapes.
  • A mid-year check in with Pentacle staff to discuss your participation in the Gallery. Discussion can also include:
    • Residency activities
    • Marketing (Publicity, advertising, photos, videos)
    • Fees for touring
    • Tech riders
    • Communication with presenters, funders and press
    • Discounted participation fee in Pentacle’s Cultivating Leadership in Dance (Intern) Program.
    • Discounted fiscal sponsorship through Unique Projects, Inc., Pentacle’s fiscal aegis
    • Participation in the Pentacle Gallery Portraits blog, including performance listings, notes, interviews.
    • Inclusion in the Pentacle Arts Presenters Showcase invitation (if showcasing.)
    • Listing of non-Pentacle Arts Presenters showcases on official Pentacle Arts Presenters Showcase invitation.
    • Inclusion in Pentacle coordinated joint mailing if showcasing at APAP
    • Invitation for the Artistic Director & one other company member to attend Pentacle’s APAP Hospitality event. [Invitations will also be extended if similar events are held at Regional Conferences]
    • Promotional materials:
      • Gallery postcard of all Gallery members in the current year
      • Company promotional postcards for new artists
      • “Pentacle credit” wording to be included in all promotional materials, website, performance programs, etc.
      • Gallery e-newsletter published every 4-6 weeks
      • Social media promotion

Performance Opportunities

  • Showcases
    • Assistance in being placed in an APAP showcase. [Fees determined by showcase provider.]
    • Assistance, where feasible, in being placed in independent showcase(s) at regional booking conferences
    • Participation in Pentacle’s showcases in NYC
    • Showcase opportunities in other cities if available.
    • Note re: Showcases. Additional fees will be determined based on prevailing circumstances.


For more information and to inquire about joining The Gallery contact Doug Post at dougp[at], 212-278-8111 x315