You’re Invited: Fall Further VIII


Five of Pentacle’s artists from our Administrative Support Program will present their work in our eighth annual Fall Further!

October 13, 2019
Dixon Place
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Pentacle’s eighth year of Fall Further brings you the work of five female-led dance companies, presenting a bit of everything for the stage—character narratives, multi-disciplinary studies, personal ancestral tributes—and more.

Claire Porter/PORTABLES
A storyteller/writer rushes back to her thinking space, with an idea. She works to write, speak, conjure, one beautiful sentence while explaining what a sentence is. The sentence becomes a discovery as she generates her own story.

CoreDance Contemporary
ammalgamates four contrasting duets from CoreDance Contemporary’s current repertory. The first excerpt comes from Unnerving Disequilibrium at Altitude, followed by a piece from Strait-waistcoat, a section from six plane faces, and finally a duet from Of Loss: Grief’s Transitions.

DUNYC/Dancers Unlimited
The piece is an excerpt of DUNYC’s full-length evening production, CYPHER: Homecoming, embracing the dance circle as a place of HUEMan connection, expression and celebration. It pays tribute to the choreographers’ ancestors on and off the dance floor, who have connected and empowered them with dance steps and meaningful movements.

Rachel Thorne Germond Performance Collage
Shadow Box is a duet for two female dancers that developed from a using a matrix as the motor of the movement impulse. This work was created as a shadow box in dance and video (shadow boxes are enclosed glass-front display cases containing objects presented in a thematic grouping with artistic or personal significance). Music by guitarist Marc Ribot and composer Fred Frith create an upbeat mood, and the sound score incorporates stentorian, ecstatic poetry by Jim Morrison. The ever-changing patterns of movement break apart and reform, evoking concerns of human will, control, isolation, and even doom.

Wellbeing Dance
This piece focuses on the various definitions of the word “surrender” and the idea of letting go.