Financial Urgent Care Artist Spotlight: Eryc Taylor Dance

Financial urgent care helps artists during a time of need

Pentacle’s pro bono service, Financial Urgent Care, has been helping artists navigate the impacts of COVID-19 since early April. The program works with artistic entities of all sizes to create a customized plan outlining what areas of assistance might be necessary to build a strong financial structure. We caught up with Eryc Taylor Dance to hear more about their experience and what they’ve been up so far this year while navigating the pandemic.

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Pentacle's pro bono service, Financial Urgent Care helped artist Eryc Taylor Dance navigate COVID-19

Uncharted Territory (PC: Shannel Resto)

How has Financial Urgent Care affected ETD’s response to the impact of COVID-19?

Pentacle has been there for us, holding our hands when we didn’t know if we were going to have to close the door to the company, and reassuring us they would help us figure out a strategy to stay afloat. Pentacle was able to help us create a COVID emergency budget, guiding us through what to expect and insight on what’s to come.

“Since working with the Pentacle team, ETD has been able to stabilize, but we’ve also been able to set our sights on growth.”

What was the most valuable part of your experience with Financial Urgent Care?

Pentacle provided ETD with immediate and comprehensive financial art relief. Because of the size of our operating budget, our options seemed somewhat limited at the onset of the current crisis. Pentacle was able to step in and assure me that we would be OK after all of a sudden, not seeing the monthly revenue we were used to. Pentacle also provided ETD with access to financial resources from experts in the field. We underwent an economic assessment by Clarissa Soto Josephs, who took a 360-degree look at the company. After she did a full, in-depth analysis of the company, she provided us with a comprehensive diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan complete with action items to help guide us through.

In what ways are you able to build towards a stable financial future?

Partnering with Kim, Pentacle’s Fiscal Administrator has also been such a positive experience. She is a beacon of light helping us with the budget, cash flow sheets, strategy, plans to convert our payroll to a W2, helping plan for a future Gala, and more. She has been there as an unlimited resource, answering questions beyond the scope of her work.

How is Financial Urgent Care unique in this moment of instability?

I don’t know of any other nonprofit dance /arts organizations offering services quite like Pentacle, especially so for a company the size of Eryc Taylor Dance. Pentacle provides invaluable services from expert eyes that support future planning when the future is unknown.

“Pentacle has helped ETD gain visibility around our operations, helping us streamline our financials and making it possible for us to keep the company afloat.”

What is ETD planning in the upcoming months?

With the support of Pentacle, ETD is expanding our Outreach program by providing more online workshop options for nonprofit partner sites, hosting weekly virtual open classes, and continuing company rehearsals over Zoom for our virtual dance piece, Uncharted Territory, a year-long work premiering as a dance film in Spring 2021! Also, be on the lookout for our virtual Gala in the fall!


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For more information about Financial Urgent Care, check out Pentacle’s Fiscal Services.