Pentacle Updates: Newsletter #5

UNIQUE PROJECTS: Meet the Artists!

Eight dancers in a studio, in motion and slightly blury from running movements

Pentacle’s Fiscal Sponsorship programs serve a diverse group of artists and arts organizations both in NYC and nationally. Last year over 350 artists utilized our FOUR Fiscal Sponsorship programs: Unique projectsUnique plusFoundation for Independent Artists; and Foundation for Independent Artists projects.

We are excited to share the work of our Pentacle artists with the community. This week we interviewed Unique plus artist, Megan Williams Dance Project about their upcoming show at Danspace Project. Read the full interview here!

“My name is Megan Williams and I am a dancer, choreographer, and educator. I trained at the Juilliard School, danced in the 1980s with many NYC choreographers, and was a member of the Mark Morris Dance Group for 10 years. I am still affiliated with MMDG as a stager of Morris’ works internationally. I got my MFA at Sarah Lawrence College in 2015 and am currently on the ballet faculty there. I started Megan Williams Dance Projects in 2016 as a vehicle for supporting my many years of choreographic and performing practice.

Unique is my fiscal sponsor. I also use Unique plus‘ bookkeeping services for MWDP –  this includes 1099’s at tax time for all the artists that I work with. This is not my area of expertise!! It is terrific to have a structure for getting this busy work done and to have someone hold me accountable for the monthly tally. It allows me to keep my creative practice flowing while keeping my financial life in order. Making art is a real-life construct, with real-life needs. It is not a hobby. When I can delegate, I am free to create.”

Learn more about Megan and her upcoming show at Danspace Project here!

Learn more about Pentacle’s Fiscal Sponsorship programs!

Are you a Pentacle artist interested in participating in our marketing? Share your information here.

Program Updates

The words "Financial Urgent Care" are to the left of a multi-colored health care cross.Pentacle’s NEWEST Fiscal Service: Financial Urgent Care

In response to a prevalent need in the community for immediate and comprehensive financial assistance, Pentacle has launched its newest fiscal service: Financial Urgent Care.

This new service is ideal for organizations that have undergone staff changes and/or lack sound financial policies and procedures. To determine what areas require attention, companies will be provided with an initial assessment to create a customized plan outlining what areas of assistance might be necessary to build a strong financial structure.

A group of former interns gather during one of the program's seminars. Photo by Quincie Hydock.

Work with a High School Arts Intern this Spring!

We are excited to announce a new Career Development program, High School Arts Administration Internship Program! The interns will work with Pentacle and a partner artists/arts organization for 8 weeks. The program includes hands-on work and weekly seminars led by professionals in the field.

We are currently recruiting partner artist/arts organizations. Participation is free of charge. Partner applications are due February 10! Learn more.

David Dorfman is in the foreground in motion. Six dancers stand in the background. Photo by Maria Baranova.David Dorfman Dance
A(Way) Out of My Body

David Dorfman Dance‘s striking new work, A(Way) Out of My Body premiered in Connecticut College earlier this month! Join the David Dorfman Dance mailing list for more information on upcoming performance dates including the work’s New York City premiere this fall!


Pentacle's logo alongside the words "nextSteps" which are a colored gradient from purple to red.Check out a sneak preview of nextSteps!

Pentacle’s goal for the Administrative Resource Team (ART) research project has been not only to share our findings of the study with the field, but also provide the lessons learned for others to apply to their capacity-building efforts. In January Pentacle released the research report, FootPath. Read it here!